Josh Murray Hints at His Own Tell-All in Response to Andi Dorfman
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Josh Murray

Josh Murray Hints at His Own Tell-All in Response to Andi Dorfman


Amid all of the upsetting news surrounding this season of Bachelor in Paradise (and its likely cancellation) we’re surprised to find relief in another former franchise star.

We’re talking about Josh Murray who, up until now, was one of the worst “villains” of the Mexico-based spin-off, thanks first to his split from Andi Dorfman and second for his dramatic breakup from Amanda Stanton.

Now that the anger of Bachelor Nation has turned to the producers — and maybe Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson themselves? — Josh might have his chance at a redemption story.

And judging by his interview with two producers of the Ellen show, that might come in the form of his own book.

Wait, could this be the response tell-all we’ve been waiting for since Andi released It’s Not Okay in 2016?!

Before we get to that, it’s interesting to note that, in this interview, the 32-year-old doesn’t seem to harbor any real resentment towards his exes.

Andi Dorfman It’s Not Okay

“We tried very hard in our relationship, it’s very tough having a public relationship. There’s just a lot of pressures. But at the end of the day, it just didn’t work out for us,” he says of Amanda.

“Honestly, I wish her nothing but the best. Hopefully, she finds love, I want to find somebody.”

At one point he also refers to both the single mom and his previous Bachelorette fiancée as “incredible in their own right.”

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He’s even able to speak about her civilly, though he reveals they haven’t spoken since the day they “officially broke up” back in January 2015.

“When a book comes out saying stuff, it’s very tough to deal with for a while,” he admits.

Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray
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After that, he says he “struggled” with having the Bachelor villain title. So wouldn’t he want to give his own side of the story with a memoir?

“I’ve been asked to write a book,” the former athlete shares. “I’ve kind of stayed away because, I don’t know.

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He then adds coyly, “We’ll see! Maybe…”

In the meantime, he’s keeping busy with traveling, visiting with friends and family.

Though he’s hoping to meet someone, he’s holding out for the right one and won’t “settle.”

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“I’m picky when it comes to certain qualities and I’m not going to settle for anything less than that,” he starts.

He adds, “I don’t think anybody should settle.”

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One woman he wouldn’t be settling for is current Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay, who, in February, told the Ellen producers she thought the Atlanta hunk was “really cute.”

“She’s very cute but I’m not going to say anything because she may be engaged,” Josh responds to her comment.

“It’s a lucky man, it’s a very lucky man.”

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Funny he should say that, seeing as friend (and sort of lookalike?) Bryan Abasolo is a frontrunner on her season right now...

Could this be any indication about how far Bryan goes?

We’ll have to wait and see — or click over here to spoil yourself!