Bachelorette 2015 Men Tell All — Should ABC Have Aired the Cyber Bullying?
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Bachelorette 2015 Men Tell All — Should ABC Have Aired the Cyber Bullying?


Bachelorette 2015’s "Men Tell All" followed much of the typical format, with the guys confronting each other, some taking the hot seat, and Kaitlyn Bristowe later taking the stage to chat with her exes. But just like Season 11 beat to its own drum, so did this special episode.

When Kait joined us, she and Chris Harrison began by touching on all of the harsh criticism directed at her on social media this season. Kaitlyn has been cyber bullied on Twitter, through email, and she’s even received death threats! The segment was difficult to watch, as Chris read aloud some of the hateful, explicit, slut-shaming messages directed at Kaitlyn from "fans."

We think ABC made the right move by airing the tweets, bringing to light how hurtful these cowardly messages have been for Kaitlyn and her family. We should all remember the premise of the show is to find and share love. On a broader scale, Chris and producers are helping to demonstrate how unacceptable cyber bullying is on a whole, which we hope viewers — especially such negative ones — recognized.

Chris gave a simple explanation for why they decided to share the messages.

How other people in Bachelor Nation felt about it? It seems like some alums were split on the topic.

We are Team Kaitlyn and Team Love, all the way!