‘Bachelorette’ Star Peter Kraus Reveals He Suffered From an Eating Disorder
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Peter Kraus

‘Bachelorette’ Star Peter Kraus Reveals He Suffered From an Eating Disorder


Peter Kraus is opening up about his past struggles with an eating disorder.

Though the former Bachelorette star is in absolutely amazing shape, he reveals in a very candid Instagram post he didn’t always have a positive body image.

In fact, being a model put unrealistic expectations in his head about how his body should look.

"Eleven years ago I began a modeling career that took me all over the world. I called five different cities in three amazing countries home over a six-year span,” he wrote on Wednesday, December 6.

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“I met dozens of amazing people with whom I made life long friends and unforgettable memories. But what I am most thankful for from my nine-year career (2 years since retired), is my introduction to fitness,” he shared.

“At the age of 20 I had developed an eating disorder while blindly attempting to keep up with the level of fitness of my fellow models and competitors.”

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He continued, “For two years I struggled in silence, always trying but never knowing how to compete with my counterparts."

Thankfully, the 31-year-old decided to change his mindset and develop healthy eating and fitness habits.

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"In the winter of 2007 I hit rock bottom and decided that it was finally time to take charge of my health and fitness and learn how to do things the right way,” he shared.

The reality star decided to train for Ironman competitions and even enrolled in a dietetics program.

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"If it weren’t for hitting 'rock bottom' I never would have had this amazing hill of life to climb back up,” he said.

“So embrace the s—t sometimes. Learn from it, pick your ass up off the floor and get moving forward and upward again.”

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He continued, “Sometimes from the darkest places shines the brightest light."

Britt Nilsson, another Bachelor contestant, recently opened up about suffering from bulimia while she was filming the reality show.


"You're mic'd 24/7 and I would take my mic off and try to hide it under towels so they wouldn't hear me throw up because then that was going to be the show,” she said in an emotional YouTube video.  

“That was going to be a plot line and how horrible would that be to be the girl who has an eating disorder."

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We’re so proud of Peter for opening up about his past struggles!