L&HH’s Bambi Shares Private Texts from Lil Scrappy Begging For Another Chance
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L&HH’s Bambi Shares Private Texts from Lil Scrappy Begging For Another Chance


Lil Scrappy and Bambi definitely had a rocky start to their relationship, but seemed to finally get things together when Scrap proposed during the Season 5 finale of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Unfortunately, the couple grew distant in the off-season and returned on Season 6 with a new batch of issues that ultimately destroyed their relationship.


The “Money in the Bank” rapper has even been rumored to have reunited with baby mama, Erica Dixon.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Erica Dixon vs. Lil Scrappy
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Bam, however, is putting a dent in that theory, as she just dropped private texts from her ex begging her to give him another chance as recently as this week!


Just days after pics and video of Scrappy and Erica hanging out in Miami surfaced, Bam took to Instagram to call out the Atlanta rhymer for continuously hitting her up despite her pleas to be left alone.


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“Lord knows I’ve completely removed myself from all the drama that comes with this guy and his situations.


“I don’t know why I’m being tried, all I’ve done is move on and mind my business.”


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She went on, “I even told him to keep the money he owes me but every time I look up he’s going out of his way to try and get my attention.


“I honestly, truly am good.”


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Within the texts, Scrappy pleads with his ex for a second chance, sending her daily messages for two weeks straight.


“I need u bad. I [know] I be [trying] to keep my poker face but I done got weak and I can’t even act no [more].


“I’ll do whatever, drop whatever for us to be together and for me to get help in my life so I can help you with [yours].”


His follow-up text called out the Compton chick for blocking him, but he soon reverted back to begging for forgiveness.


He went on to say he intended to pay her back any money she’s owed, only for the reality star to reject the offer in exchange for him to stop calling and texting.


“We have nothing more to say to each other. You’ll always be who you are.”


Might as well kill it

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The rapper went on to tell her how much he loves her and express his shock at the fact she no longer loves him in return.


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“I know [you’re] not going to hit me back but I love [you] and I wish we could get over this but I feel like [you’re] mentally trying to move me out the way but I love [you].”


Check out the full, eight pages worth of text messages below.


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The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion airs Monday at 8PM on VH1.