Becca Tilley Speaks Out on ‘Bachelor’ Elimination — Could She Be Bachelorette?
Becca Tilley
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The Bachelor

Becca Tilley Speaks Out on ‘Bachelor’ Elimination — Could She Be Bachelorette?


Though Becca Tilley has had over three months to recover from her breakup with Ben Higgins, watching her elimination on last night’s Bachelor 2016 could have stirred up some old, hurt emotions.

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However, judging by the two-time contestant’s social media reactions, she is doing just fine — and actually sounds grateful for the entire experience.

The 26-year-old beauty tweeted to her many fans during Monday’s episode, and even shouted out Ben!

The San Diego gal reinforced those feelings during an appearance on Good Morning America today.

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“Just because he wasn’t right for me doesn’t mean that I’m not going to find my love story, too,” Becca explained. “It just means it wasn’t with him.”

With how ready she sounds to find love, it seems like they’re setting Chris Soules’s former runner-up as a possible choice for Bachelorette 2016. It would make sense, considering her already-huge fanbase.

Two problems with that theory: 1) ABC execs have hinted the next lead will be “diverse,” which doesn’t really apply here; and 2) She may already have found love on her own!

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Just check out what Becca tweeted on Valentine’s Day over the weekend:

Did she just admit to “falling in love”? Who is the lucky guy?! Do tell, Miss Tilley!

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