Ben Higgins’s ‘Bachelor’ 2016 First Impression Rose Recipient Revealed!
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The Bachelor

Ben Higgins’s ‘Bachelor’ 2016 First Impression Rose Recipient Revealed!


We’re just over a month into the filming of Bachelor 2016, but already people are buzzing about one of Ben Higgins’s Season 20 contestants: broadcast journalist Olivia Caridi.


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We introduced you to the 23-year-old blonde earlier this month, citing Olivia’s Southern roots and go-getter nature as a reporter for Virginia’s NBC affiliate as possible matching points for our faith-focused, accomplished young Bachelor. And it seems Ben saw those qualities right away as well, considering he — spoiler alert — gives her his First Impression Rose!

Olivia Caridi on Bachelor 2016
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Spoiler king Reality Steve reveals the Colorado hunk gives Olivia the much-coveted rose on night one, signifying an immediate connection with the gal. Our guess? They bonded over their strong Christian and family values, as well as their career success at a young age (26-year-old Ben’s tech career has allowed him to purchase his own home!).


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This is all great, except for some nasty rumors plaguing the soon-to-be reality star before she even gets on-screen. According to Life & Style (and take this with a grain of salt), Olivia is upsetting her fellow contestants by portraying herself as one person to Ben and another to the contestants. That being said, we hear it’s not this Southern belle we need to watch out for when it comes to a Season 20 villian, but we’ll find out more about that later.


Whether or not this gal’s intentions are pure, we can tell you — more SPOILERS ahead! — she’s making it pretty far. Steve is also sharing the list of the final nine girls and Olivia is in there! But hasn’t the First Impression Rose recipient always made it to at least Top 5? Just sayin’.


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Either way, keep an eye on Olivia once The Bachelor returns. She’s going to be a strong contender for our Ben!


The Bachelor Season 20 premieres Monday, January 4 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.


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