Ben Higgins Having Regrets, Wants JoJo Fletcher Back — Report
Ben Higgins and JoJo Fletcher
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Ben Higgins

Ben Higgins Having Regrets, Wants JoJo Fletcher Back — Report


Is Ben Higgins having a little buyer’s remorse?

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If a new report is to be believed, that’s a hard yes. In fact, watching runner-up JoJo Fletcher fall in love with other guys each week on Bachelorette 2016 is said to have stirred up some lingering feelings in the Colorado hunk.

“Ben’s realizing he’s still very much in love with JoJo and those feelings may never go away,” a source tells In Touch in the latest issue.

“Ben thinks he may have picked the wrong woman … He questions whether he would have been happier being engaged to her.”

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Apparently, part of the reason the 27-year-old is having these regrets is the fighting taking place between him and fiancée Lauren Bushnell.

“Deep down, Lauren has never forgiven Ben for telling JoJo he loved her just hours before proposing to Lauren,” the source explains. “Her insecurity has always been a source of tension. It’s driven a wedge between them.”

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Not only that, but the mag says the couple, who dated just three months before getting engaged, are now realizing how different they are as people, with Ben loving the “quiet life in Denver,” and Lauren yearning for her friends and old routine in L.A..

The insider details, “She’s always complaining that she feels lost and alone there and that she misses her friends.

“Every time she says it, Ben can’t help but think about JoJo and how easygoing she is. It makes him wonder if this would be happening had he picked her.”

JoJo Fletcher on Bachelorette 2016
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Now, for those who follow the pair on social media, this might sound like a work of fiction, considering how cute they are together — and we don’t disagree.

But suspending our disbelief here, we have to wonder, would JoJo ever go back to her ex?

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“She’s finally at the point where she’s completely moved on from him and is ready to find herself a husband who loves her and only her,” the source states.

“Of course, if Ben reaches out to her, she’ll talk to him. But I can promise you, she will never get back together with him — ever.”