Ben Higgins Discusses Lauren Bushnell Split — Plus, Will He Be Bachelor Again?
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Ben Higgins Discusses Lauren Bushnell Split — Plus, Will He Be Bachelor Again?


News of Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell’s split is still so fresh, but fans can’t help but think of what’s next for the Bachelor 2016 couple.

More specifically, are they ready to move on with someone else — and on reality TV?

The two announced the end of their 18-month engagement on Monday via a joint statement.

“We feel fortunate for the time we had together, and will remain friends with much love and respect for one another,” part of it read.

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But if they’re OK to move forward as friends, it sounds like they might be OK to dip back into the dating pool...

Well, not necessarily — not yet, that is. Though Bachelor in Paradise’s fourth season is filming in a few weeks, sources say it’s too soon for producers to reach out to these two.

Ben Higgins Lauren Bushnell
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Less soon is Bachelor 2018 filming, which kicks off four months from now in September. So would Ben be up for giving the gig a second try?

No way — at least, not according to host Chris Harrison.

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“I did not think that that would be the appropriate time!” the executive producer told E! News about approaching the Season 20 star for Season 22.

He continues, “The body's not even cold yet. … It's so premature.”

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We had heard the 28-year-old was having a bit of a hard time with the split — after all, he was just gushing about Lauren on Instagram last week! — and he confirmed that a bit in a new interview.

The Denver hunk is kicking off his podcast with Ashley Iaconetti soon, and in a sneak peek of the first ep from E! News, he gets very honest about the breakup.

“Lauren will always be one of my best friends,” he starts to his fellow Bachelor alum. “It's [a relationship] where I learned a lot about myself; I think she learned a lot about herself.”

That being said, he calls the end of their engagement “very fresh” and he admits it’s been difficult to “say goodbye to somebody that you really did believe was the one for you.”

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Still, both of them saw the end coming in those final weeks together.

He continues, “I think mutually Lauren and I saw that life was getting more difficult.

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“I would say the joy that we felt toward our relationship at the beginning was — for some reason — slipping away, and we were both working very hard to bring that joy back. And it just never seemed to get there.”

Occasionally, a couple might get back together after their split, but that’s not in the cards for this pair, as he says there’s “no real saving or redemption to be done.”

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Still, it’s hard not to feel bad for them when you hear the way the Bachelor speaks about the failed engagement.

"I am a little confused, a little lost, but I'm doing alright," he admits.

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“Life is going to be good and I know that from past experiences, any type of brokenness... Often times those situations can be turned into be a beautiful thing.”

Amen to that!