Are Beyonce and Jay Z Getting Divorced? \'Lemonade\' Sparks Controversy
Beyoncé and Jay Z
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Are Beyonce and Jay Z Getting Divorced? ‘Lemonade’ Sparks Controversy


Beyoncé just outdid her self-titled album, dropping an hour-long visual album, Lemonade on HBO. And it seems to portray a major, marriage-ending infidelity, with the 34-year-old "Formation" singer kicking her husband to the curb.

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So are Beyoncé and Jay Z getting a divorce??

We're going out on a limb here and saying, "probably not." It's far more likely Queen Bey has learned by now how much everybody loves to speculate about her eight-year marriage to the 46-year-old Tidal owner — and that's free publicity.

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Allow us to show our work. First off, anyone who watched Lemonade all the way through saw the much-talked about couple sharing some intimate moments in the "Forgiveness" segment, suggesting if there was an infidelity, it has been forgiven.

The presentation also included more footage from their wedding, and a very pregnant Bey, which should put an end to those rumors she had a secret surrogate carry Blue Ivy. The message as we receive it? The Carter family is strong… but go ahead and keep talking!

In fact, the narrative of Lemonade shares a lot of parallels with the frame story the couple applied to their "On the Run" tour and special.

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Are we saying Jay has always been true? Not at all. Something very well may have gone on there… but that's really only for them to say. However, we do know the Carters — who between them share nearly a billion dollars — know how to make money. 

Remember: the more speculation about their marriage ramped up back in 2014, the higher their ticket sales went.

Like the "Formation" lyric says: "You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation."

So keep on speculating, internet: Her best revenge is that paper!