Michelle Obama Partying With Beyoncé Will Make Your Day (VIDEO)
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Michelle Obama Partying With Beyoncé Will Make Your Day (VIDEO)


The former First Lady knows how to party.

A video of Beyoncé​'s birthday party has been leaked, which features Michelle Obama partying with the performer.

The footage was from the singer's 34th birthday celebration in 2016.

The 44th President's wife didn't often get to show her relaxed fun side during her time in the White House, but definitely did so at the Queen B's party.

Other guests who attended the event included UsherAlicia Keys, and Solange.

In the video, Michelle, Beyoncé and her sister wave at the camera and repeat, "Bye Felicia!"

The trio is all smiles as they say the popular phrase and giggle.

The Beyhive Twitter account who posted the leaked video confirmed the silly video was from B's private birthday celebration in September last year.

In another photo, the R&B singer holds up a glass and looks like she's dancing along to the music.

In another video leaked by the account, Blue Ivy dances for her parents.

The little one has definitely picked up some of her mother's dance moves and her father JAY-Z's sense of rhythm.

These two queens have been involved with each other's lives for awhile now.

Michelle worked with Beyoncé in 2010 for her "Let’s Move" campaign and the Lemonade artist sang for President Obama and his wife at the 2009 inaugural ball.

Beyoncé also sang the national anthem at the 2013 inauguration.

In 2014, Bey and Jay attended Michelle's 50th birthday party her husband Barack had thrown for her.

And in 2016, the pair were invited to Obama's final birthday in the White House.

I'm asking you to believe. Not in my ability to bring about changebut in yours. President Obama #ObamaFarewell

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