Big Ang Reveals on ‘Mob Wives’ She Wasn’t Ready to Die: “I Am Not Done Here”
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Big Ang

Big Ang Reveals on ‘Mob Wives’ She Wasn’t Ready to Die: “I Am Not Done Here”


For the first time since Big Ang’s death on February 18, a new episode of Mob Wives aired on VH1, and the hour chronicled some heartbreaking moments as they pertain to Angela’s health.

Season 6, Episode 8, entitled “Cuts Both Ways,” shows fans some devastating interactions Ang has with her doctors, estranged husband Neil Murphy, and her friends as she gets more and more bad news about her cancer.

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“I am scared, what stage cancer is it? What are the results going to be?,” Ang, who had already had surgery to remove a tumor from her throat, says after learning she’d need an operation on her lungs, too.

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Among one of the most heart-wrenching moments, however, was the 55-year-old telling the cameras she isn’t ready to die, mostly because she needs more time with her family.

“All I keep thinking of now is my grandchildren and my kids,” she says before entering the hospital for surgery. “Am I ever going to see them again? I am the glue that holds this family together.”

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She adds, “You know I did a lot in my life, I lived a full life but I am not done here, I have got to be around as I want to see my grandchildren.”

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Ang left behind two children, A.J. and Raquel, six grandchildren, and her estranged husband Neil, whom she was mad at in this episode for missing a very important doctor’s appointment.

“Neil makes me so angry at times, but he is right, I am not Wonder Woman,” she reveals. “I am scared, I am going through all of this with my health and I could use his help, even though I hate to admit it.”

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Later, after getting the disheartening diagnosis, the other Mob Wives take Ang out for a girls’ night at a drawing class to get her mind off things.

The episode ends with this sweet photo tribute to their friend:

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An additional tribute celebrating the star’s best TV moments will air sometime in March on Vh1. Stay tuned to Wetpaint for all the details, and in the meantime, tune into new episodes of Mob Wives Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Vh1.