How Are Big Ang\'s Kids Handling Their Mom’s Death?
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Big Ang

How Are Big Ang’s Kids Handling Their Mom’s Death?


Angela "Big Ang" Raiola’s family is handling their grief the best way they know how.

One of the Mob Wives star’s friends, Robin Borges, opened up about how Big Ang’s kids, A.J. and Raquel, are handling their mother passing away from cancer last week at the age of 55.

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“The kids are holding on,” Robin told Us Weekly. “A.J.’s taking it really hard … Raquel’s all right.”

We’ve already seen how Big Ang’s fellow VH1 stars are mourning the loss of their friend. Her family members have shared heartbreaking photos from the reality star’s final moments and even revealed what her final words were.

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Now, after Big Ang has been laid to rest and her disco wake is over, her two children and six grandchildren are picking up the pieces and moving on. At least they can rest easy knowing Big Ang was at peace and remained herself until the end.

"She looks like Ang," Borges continued. "She's got her red bottoms [Louboutins] on. She's got her fur. She's got her red ruby diamond. She's going out with style! That's Ang, she looks beautiful. It looks just like her. Like she's just sleeping."