Corinne Olympios Has Two Shows in the Works in the Wake of the ‘BIP’ Scandal
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Bachelor in Paradise

Corinne Olympios Has Two Shows in the Works in the Wake of the ‘BIP’ Scandal


Corinne Olympios has been mostly off the radar since the Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 “misconduct” scandal first broke.

While DeMario Jackson — the man joining her in the hot tub “encounter” that halted production — spoke to the press, she remained tight-lipped, speaking only through her publicist and lawyer.

But now, Corinne’s about to get a whole lot less quiet.

In fact, the Bachelor 2017 contestant is returning to the public eye in a big way, starting with a sit-down interview with Chris Harrison, airing Tuesday, August 29.


On August 22, DeMario had his moment in the hot seat with the host, opening up about how his portrayal in the media has negatively impacted his life.

"I know who I am. I know I'm not that monster they're trying to portray on TV,” he said at the time.


“Like Michelle Obama said, 'When they go low, you go high.' It was hard to go high, but I had to do it because I train and mentor children, and I can't tell them to be something that I'm not.”

While the show and his castmates have supported him, claiming no wrongdoing, producers still left out large chunks in the timeline showing exactly what went down between him and Corinne.

We’re hoping that the 25-year-old gal will be able to fill in some of those blanks when it’s her turn next week — including why she referred to herself as a “victim.”

And judging by her latest interview, she’ll do just that.

“I just feel like the media was trying to paint me a certain way,” she tells The Hollywood Reporter.

“Everyone thought they knew what happened. It’s going to be really great finally being able to tell my side of things, through my eyes. I’m really happy it was with Chris because Chris is a good friend of mine so I’d rather interview with him than anyone else.”


If it’s not clear already with that Host Harrison shout out, the Miami gal is clearly not harboring any resentment towards the franchise.

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“I have no problem with Bachelor Nation. I love Bachelor Nation. I am Bachelor Nation,” she gushes.

She even tuned in for the first episode of BIP, featuring the footage of her and DeMario, but says she hasn’t since because, “I’ve just been traveling.”

Earlier this week, the reality starlet teased her interview on Twitter, writing, "Before making your assumptions, watch my interview [with Harrison] to hear it straight from me," she wrote to fans.

While DeMario has been open about the emotional and physical toll all of this has taken on him, Corinne says she’s stayed continuously “positive.”

"I think when anything like that happens to someone, I could only hope that you grow as a person and learn a lot about yourself, which I did,” she shares.

“I’m just always positive. I’m a really positive person."

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She adds that she’s been doing a lot of yoga and therapy, and spending time with her family since leaving Mexico, and even recently got a puppy.

However, what’s really been keeping her busy is planning her return to TV — and we’re not talking about the interview!

“I do have a [reality] show in the works, and I’m also working on a scripted show with one of my favorite producers,” the outspoken blonde reveals, confirming that both would feature her on-camera.

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She doesn’t provide details on these projects just yet, though the alum will announce more during her Paradise sit-down.


Guess we’ll have to tune in (not that we weren’t going to anyway).

Bachelor in Paradise’s interview with Corinne airs Tuesday, August 29 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.