Bones Spoilers For the Season 8 Finale: Will Booth and Brennan...
Bones Spoilers For the Season 8 Finale: Will Booth and Brennan…
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Bones Spoilers For the Season 8 Finale: Will Booth and Brennan…


Pelant returns in the Season 8 finale of Bones. When the brilliant serial killer’s victims start turning up, it’s clear he has it in for Booth (David Boreanaz).

Emily Deschanel recently spoke with reporters about the emotions that are stirred in Brennan when the father of her child suddenly becomes Pelant’s focus.

“Pelant has set his sights on Booth now,” teases Emily. “The body we discover — Booth knew the victim. ... So it feels like it’s very targeted toward Booth, and of course that’s terrifying to Brennan, because she realizes that Pelant could get him, that Booth is in danger.”

Though this isn’t the first time they’ve faced down the killer, it sounds like this could be their most dangerous encounter. “Pelant hasn’t gotten to any of us yet on the team,” says Emily ominously. “He hasn’t really hurt us. But he’s really taking up a notch this episode. And you’ll see how he affects their lives.”

One way Brennan may be influenced is having to deal with her feelings for Booth. “[I]t really forces her to look at her life and herself and her relationship and her feelings and why she feels certain ways about certain things,” Emily says. “It makes her question some of her core beliefs. It’s a very pivotal time for her.”

In fact, Brennan may make a decision about her relationship with her partner. Pelant putting the FBI agent in peril “kind of brings things to the forefront with Brennan,” Emily explains. She adds, “I think that Pelant kind of makes things happen more quickly and maybe in a more intense way.”

So, maybe we’ll finally get a marriage proposal from Brennan? If so, we hope Booth is safe enough to answer!