‘Botched’ Star Paul Nassif Sued by Former Patient
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‘Botched’ Star Paul Nassif Sued by Former Patient


On Botched, Dr. Paul Nassif spends hours correcting other plastic surgeons’ terrible mistakes — but could he have made one of his own?

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That’s what one of Paul’s patients is alleging in a new lawsuit against the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star.

The plaintiff, Eric Klein, says he received a rhinoplasty from the famous doc back in September 2014 to deal with breathing issues, according to documents obtained by TMZ.

That all went OK, but then he was unable to close one of his eyes properly during a post-op visit, which he claims Dr. Nassif brushed off as a result of swelling. When his condition continued to worsen, Paul referred him to a colleague who did little to help.

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The patient finally realized the real issue after seeking out answers on his own: One of his tendons was displaced after his nasal bone was broken in surgery.

Eric is trying to prove Paul and his team were covering up the botched job in order to protect their reputation, which sounds unlikely this far into the well-established surgeon’s career.

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Complications occur all the time when undergoing these types of procedures, and we’re sure he’s prepared for that. Seems a stretch to say he was thinking of his own well-being first.