Brad Pitt Child Abuse Allegations Referred to FBI — Report
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Brad Pitt Child Abuse Allegations Referred to FBI — Report


The reason for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's sudden split this week is coming into focus as credible reports indicate the father of six is under investigation by the FBI for child abuse.

This morning, TMZ reported the LAPD and the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services were looking into allegations of abuse brought to them by an anonymous caller.

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The whistleblower claims Brad, 52, was intoxicated while flying with his kids on a private jet and became physically and verbally abusive.

According to police sources, the incident continued on the tarmac when the plane landed in Minnesota last Wednesday night. Witnesses characterized the Allied star's behavior as "out of control." He even reportedly hopped onto a fuel truck in an attempt to flee.

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In an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show today, TMZ executive producer Harvey Levin stood by their story and explained the confusing situation.

Though the LAPD denied any current investigation involving Brad when reached for questions by Us Weekly, the legal analyst explains that is due to a lack of jurisdiction.

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Because the alleged abuse occurred in the air on a return flight from France, the LAPD were required to refer the case to the FBI, TMZ explains.

Brad's camp is reportedly denying any abuse claims. But whether or not they are true, it seems clear at this point Angelina is taking them very seriously.