Brad Womack and AshLee Frazier Break Up — It\'s Official! (UPDATE)
Brad Womack and AshLee Frazier Break Up — It’s Official! (UPDATE)
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Brad Womack and AshLee Frazier Break Up — It’s Official! (UPDATE)


UPDATE 9/17/13: You guys. It's over. Capital L spoke to Cupid's Pulse while she was in New York on September 12 and revealed that she is, indeed, currently single. DANG IT! We don't know what Brad did to mess this up (yes, obviously, it was him. Hello.), but she looks pretty and glowy and just fine. Are you bummed or did you see this coming? Hit the comments and tell all.

Original Article 6/28/13: When we first heard back in April that Season 15 Bachelor Brad Womack and Season 17 Bachelor 2nd runner-up AshLee Frazier had started dating, we were giddy with joy. The two Texans seemed like a match made in flaw-and-loose-hair-free, perfectly organized heaven! But we’re a little worried, because the two seem to have broken up.

Why the concern? Because we love them together: All their perfectly age appropriate, grown-upness was just so heartening. Ash hated that Sean Lowe couldn’t take her self-possessed womanitude, but after the show, she hopped full-force into exclamation point Loving It (whatever “it” is), and one of those things was Brad.

The two posed in pictures at random bars, casinos for plebe-snapped selfies, at weddings... It was the most Womack we’d seen in years, and we didn’t hate it. But since May 19, we haven’t seen a single shot of the two together. And that’s just cruel. Capital L has kept busy selling her old shoes on her website and tweeting about clothing steamers, but we haven’t heard a peep about Brad.

On June 12, she tweeted about a “date night” watching the Princess Di movie, which seemed more like a girls’ night plan than anything — particularly since she didn’t mention Brad. But the topper to this whole real life stress dream we’re having?

Wetpaint Entertainment received a tip from someone reportedly close to Her Lady of Perpetual Adoptedness saying that Brad and AshLee are dunzo. However, because of his uber-private nature — the polar opposite of self-promoter Ash — Brad would never come out and say it. Heck, the man doesn’t even exist unless someone else posts their own photographic evidence (he’s kind of like the Sasquatch of Bachelor Nation). And considering the way AshLee took Sean’s dismissal, we’re guessing the icy stare version of a tweet isn’t gonna come out of her camp anytime soon...

What do you think? Are they over, kaput, fini — or have they just gone underground for a while? There’s only one person who can tell us that, and she isn’t returning our smoke signals. We’d love to hear from you, Ash...

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