Braxton Family Values: Top Moments From Season 4, Episode 7, “A Single Decision”
Braxton Family Values: Top Moments From Season 4, Episode 7, “A Single Decision”
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Braxton Family Values: Top Moments From Season 4, Episode 7, “A Single Decision”


The Braxton sisters continued to drag their feet last night about the direction of their album, but ultimately made a decision that they weren’t sure was going to go over well with the rest of the family. And as one sister fights for her marriage, the others fight for their privacy and ruffle a few feathers in the process.

1. Going from album to single. Towanda, Traci, and Trina wake up with a hangover and their mother Evelyn comes into the house to prepare them breakfast. The sisters aren’t pleased with the food, but they sing a snippet of a song for their mom as thanks for the meal. Evelyn is happy to hear the girls singing together, and hopes that her encouragement will push them to work on their album, which she thinks is taking too long to come together.

The trio leave to meet with Toni and Tamar for manicures and there’s a bit of uneasiness between Tamar and Trina over Trina’s comment of Tamar undergoing liposuction. Moving along, Towanda asks the sisters when they’ll have time to work on the album and Tamar suggests that they should start with a single instead of an album. After weighing the pros and cons, all the sisters agree that a single works best for them, but they now fear their mother’s response when they tell her the news.

2. Tamar works on her tour. Tamar heads to Atlanta to find two more female dancers for her tour. When Tamar sees her first set of dancers, she’s instantly pleased, but the second set underwhelms her. She cuts the music and makes the group start from scratch. After going through the groups, Tamar narrows it down to six dancers and makes them dance to the death. Tamar and hubby Vincent Herbert pick their two favorites.

3. Trina has space invaders. Trina invites her Barchix bartenders to the house to prep for the housewarming party. When Traci and Towanda return home, they’re met with Trina’s bartenders in addition to several other candidates to serve at the housewarming. Towanda is upset with Trina’s lack of consideration in warning them that there would be guests over. To make up for her intrusive guests, Trina allows Traci and Towanda to be taste testers for the candidates. As the night goes on, Towanda and Traci grow tired of Trina’s guests and really want them to leave.

4. Traci and Towanda want Gabe out. After the Barchix ladies leave, Traci and Towanda discuss their disdain for Gabe’s presence. Traci and Towanda decide to tell Trina that they want Gabe to leave, but Towanda is chosen to do the dirty work. When Towanda sits down with Trina and Gabe, Traci blurts out that Gabe has to go. Trina is mad that Towanda and Traci want Gabe to leave, but Towanda calls him a distraction and says that they’re in L.A. for one reason and one reason only. Trina tells her sisters that while they all made a decision to leave their families to work on this project, she’s not going to sacrifice working on her marriage. Traci and Towanda tell Trina they’re not asking her to stop working on her marriage, but they want Gabe out of their personal space. Gabe tells them he’ll leave after the party.

On the night of the housewarming party, Trina, Gabe, and the BarCHix crew are doing all the work preparing food and drinks. When Trina asks Traci and Towanda to help, Traci doesn’t help saying it’s a Barchix event and Towanda says the only thing she’s doing is getting dressed. Trina is annoyed.

5. Tamar throws a fit. The party is in full swing, and Gabe hires entertainment in the form of fire-eaters and magicians. Evelyn is unimpressed by the magician’s tricks and Tamar’s upset by the party being “wack.” Towanda volunteers to be the subject of the magician’s sword-through-the-neck trick and Tamar throws a hissy fit. Trina is annoyed with Tamar’s behavior, but doesn’t have to suffer it long as Tamar leaves the party. Taking a moment to relax, Traci (who invited her husband Kevin) and Towanda celebrate Gabe leaving the next day. Trina is uneasy with Towanda and Trina’s joy over Gabe’s departure, and is even more frustrated by the fact that none of her sisters helped her to put together the party.

6. Breaking the news to Evelyn. The sisters invite Evelyn to the rental house and have Tamar break the news to her that there will not be a sisters’s album but a single instead. Evelyn grows silent as she’s completely disappointed and the girls aren’t sure how to take their mother’s reaction. Evelyn says she thinks the girls don’t want to sing with each other at all because they’re all making excuses as to why they can’t work together.

As Toni tries to make a case for the single being the best route, her pronunciation is called into question and she blames it on hanging around Traci, whom she calls “Eliza Doolittle.” Tamar tells Traci to be offended and snap back at Toni, but realizes that Traci has no clue to whom Toni is comparing her. Tamar then tells Traci has she not made the comment, there would’ve been a fight between the two, and the sisters begin to talk over one another.

Evelyn calms them down by telling them to bring the attention back her way, and she says that she’ll be satisfied is the sisters are able to give her something to brag about. Toni makes a quip about Tamar, who then mouths off and Evelyn decides to leave the sisters.

A new episode of Braxton Family Values airs Thursday, October 2 at 10 p.m. ET on WEtv.

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