Braxton Family Values: Top Moments From Season 4, Episode 9, “Surprise Me Not”
Braxton Family Values: Top Moments From Season 4, Episode 9, “Surprise Me Not”
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Braxton Family Values: Top Moments From Season 4, Episode 9, “Surprise Me Not”


The sisters’ relationship took a turn for the worse on last night’s, Braxton Family Values Season 4, Episode 9: “Surprise Me Not”. The fallout from Trina, Towanda, and Traci’s on-stage surprise during Tamar’s concert left the siblings’ feelings hurt, while Tamar felt she didn’t have to apologize for her actions. And while it was revealed the sisters may be making some headway into their sisters’ album, Tamar’s comments bring up fresh feelings and everything falls to pieces once more.

1. “Hot Sugar” aftermath. Traci, Trina, and Towanda are at Tamar’s opening show in Atlanta and the sisters are still going ahead with their surprise dance moves. As the moment draws nearer, Tray, Trina, and Wanda rehearse their 30-second routine and ask mom Evelyn if the dance is OK. Evelyn says that Tamar will love the idea of her sisters joining her on stage, and says she likes it.

It’s now the moment of truth, and the sisters head to the stage when Tamar’s back is turned. As Tamar turns around to start “Hot Sugar,” she takes a swig from a water bottle handed to her by one of her dances, and tells her sisters their gesture’s “not funny.” Tamar then tosses her water bottle off stage, narrowly hitting Traci, and goes back to performing. During the performance, Tamar tells her sisters they might as well join her front-and-center, but they head off stage, with Traci and Towanda yelling at Trina for messing up her dance steps. Trina says that she only messed up because she felt Tamar’s irritability.

Moments later, Trina reveals that things went from bad to worse backstage. According to Trina, Tamar was heard in her dressing room cursing her sisters, calling them “fat,” “motherf—kers,” and “bitches.” Sometime later, Tamar’s tour manager asks the sisters to leave the venue, with Tamar’s stylist saying that the manager didn’t mean them, but Trina tells the stylist the tour manager spoke to her personally.

2. Toni’s caught up to speed. Toni wasn’t at all able to catch Tamar’s show, and so when she meets with Trina, Towanda, and Traci, the three sisters tell Toni how the “Hot Sugar” performance went horribly wrong with Tamar throwing a bottle at Traci, staying in her dressing room, and then having her tour manager request that the family leave. Toni’s unable to fathom that Tamar would at all act that way. Toni asks if the sisters heard from Tamar after the concert, but Towanda says that Tamar invited her to a club, however she declined. Trina says putting the sisters out was the worse thing Tamar’s ever done.

Sometime afterwards, Toni meets up with Tamar to ask her about the show. Tamar clarifies that she never threw the bottle at Traci, but she always throws a water bottle off the stage during that set and Traci was in the area that Tamar normally tosses her water. Moving along, Toni asks Tamar about the language she used to talk about her sisters, and Tamar says that she shouldn’t be responsible for whatever her sisters heard because she cursed at everyone that night. As for asking the sisters to leave, Tamar says she never told the sisters to leave, but if her tour manager told them to leave, she didn’t mean for all of them to go. Toni asks Tamar if she tried to clarify anything, and Tamar says she didn’t do anything because she was locked in her dressing room.

Toni tells Tamar that Trina, Towanda, and Traci meant nothing but love by jumping on stage — since they’ve done it to Toni several times in the past. Tamar says that she doesn’t have the muscle to handle it the way Toni does. Tamar tells Toni she doesn’t understand why everyone is making her behavior a “Tamar issue,” but Toni says that she thinks Tamar should at least clarify what happened when the sisters were ushered out. Tamar says that the one who should be apologized to is her, but she admits she tried to make amends by calling the sisters and inviting them to dinner, but they didn’t respond. She even provides Toni with the text message she sent to them, which they didn’t respond to. Toni suggests that the sisters talk it out, but Tamar said she’s not willing to fight anymore.

3. Sisters’ therapy. Toni suggests that the sisters meet with Dr. Sherri to talk over the events that happened the night of Tamar’s show, but only Trina, Traci, and Towanda show. Dr. Sherri reveals that she too was at the show, but was later asked to leave and thus, asks the sisters what happened. The sisters all give their side of the story, with Towanda saying that she didn’t feel they were doing anything wrong since surprising their sister on stage has become such a common thing to do with Toni. Dr. Sherri tells the sisters that Tamar may not have thought it was as great of a surprise as they did, but Towanda continues to say that it wasn’t a bad idea.

Dr. Sherri tells the sisters that maybe it wasn’t a great idea to share the stage with Tamar during her big moment — even though they’ve shared the stage with Tay-Tay during her other shows.

4. Dinner goes badly. All five sisters head out to eat together, and while there, Towanda brings up Traci’s upcoming promotional tour for her album, Crash & Burn. Tray expresses that she’s nervous about it, and Toni tells Traci to rest up her voice, as they have a single to record with Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds. Tamar asks the sisters, “what single?” and Toni says that Kenny has expressed interest in helping them with their sisters record. This ignites a conversation in which Toni reveals that her record label will show interest in doing something with her and the sisters. Toni says she’s fine with it, because she refuses to work on their single independently, to which Tamar talks her savvy about being independent and how it’s better. When Trina jumps in to say that Toni knows more about the industry since she’s been in it for “20 years,” Tamar calls Trina a “smartass.” Trina rebuffs the statement by saying that Toni paved the way for them, to which Tamar says that Toni didn’t pave the way for her to be an artist.

The conversation gets pretty heated, and in the midst of it Toni tells them to cut it out. However, the sisters continue to argue, with Tamar telling Trina to back off, otherwise she will “read” her in front of everyone. Trina accepts Tamar’s challenge, and tells her to do so, while Towanda, Traci, and Toni all back off. Tamar and Trina throw more words at each other, and when Tamar calls Trina a “bitch,” Trina asks Tamar if she’s the same “bitch” that was thrown out of Tamar’s concert. The show ends, “to be continued.”

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