Braxton Family Values: Top Moments From Season 4, Episode 8, “Booked to Capacity”
Braxton Family Values: Top Moments From Season 4, Episode 8, “Booked to Capacity”
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Braxton Family Values: Top Moments From Season 4, Episode 8, “Booked to Capacity”


The Braxton clan were in the full swing of things on Braxton Family Values Season 4, Episode 8: “Booked to Capacity.” Toni Braxton revealed a difficult choice she made in her career, which she thought may have affected her family, while Tamar Braxton prepared to hit the road for her first solo tour. Traci Braxton struggled to work for her new album, and there were mixed feelings about a special surprise for Tamar.

1. The sisters are concerned about Evelyn. Tamar, Trina, and Towanda Braxton are concerned about their mother, Evelyn, who has been sleeping a lot. Tamar tells the sisters that Evelyn is always sleeping, and Towanda reveals that their mother was prescribed medication for fatigue. Evelyn tells her daughters that she’s tired and their bickering and inability to work on an album cohesively is causing added stress. The sisters pledge to work on the album after Tamar gets off of tour. Trina and Towanda plan to leave the rental house and move back home until then, and Towanda says she’s planning something special for Tamar’s tour.

2. Sgt. Boombastic hits a sour note. Traci asks Trina, Towanda, and Evelyn to take a session with Sergeant Boombastic in preparation for a photoshoot for her upcoming album. The instructor takes the ladies to test their bodyfat. When the ladies learn that they have to submerge themselves in a huge water tank, they immediately say no, because they don’t want to get their hair wet. Then Sgt. Boombastic tells the gals they’re way too comfortable, and he brings one of his caucasian clients in to show them how it’s done. The ladies tells the Sgt. they care too much about their hair, and that’s what’s wrong with them. The Sgt. makes a comment about interracial dating, and Trina comes back to say she never dates black men because of attitudes like his. The ladies take a moment to breathe, then follow the sergeant out to see the next task.

3. Toni reveals a secret. Toni appears on The Queen Latifah Show to promote her memoir Unbreak My Heart. Traci and Evelyn show up late, but join Trina and Towanda in the audience. On stage, Toni talks about her son’s autism and says she felt like her son’s disorder was a punishment for having an abortion earlier on. Toni tells Latifah she ultimately learned there was nothing wrong with her son — he just learns differently. Trina is shocked that Toni revealed she’d had an abortion, and Evelyn says there were some things that she never knew about her kids, and there are somethings she doesn’t want to know.

4. Tamar has a tantrum. Tamar checks out some of the final touches for her tour. As her dancers film some dance sequences to play on the projector at her concert, Tamar is annoyed to see them wearing “Pirates of the Caribbean boots” and leotards. Tay-Tay says she was very clear about the outfit choices, but it appears the wardrobe team ignored her. Tamar leaves her back-and-forth with the crew to talk to Vince in their car. While he understands her frustration, Vince tells Tamar she shouldn’t have taken it out on the dancers, and should’ve talked to her crew calmly and rationally. Tamar knows Vince is right, and when she goes back inside, she apologizes to her dancers.

5. Evelyn and Toni have a heart-to-heart. After Toni’s book signing, she meets with Evelyn to talk about her abortion and Diezel’s autism. Toni breaks the ice on the conversation, and Evelyn says that she was caught off guard by Toni sharing how much guilt she felt over her abortion. Evelyn says she wasn’t so concerned about the abortion itself, because that was Toni’s experience, but she hopes Diezel won’t be hurt by what his mother said. Toni explains that Diezel had asked about her abortion, having misread that Toni said it was punishment for her terminated pregnancy. However, Toni reassures Evelyn and Diezel talked about it, and he’s completely fine. This puts Evelyn’s mind at ease.

6. Traci has trouble focusing. Traci decides to have the photoshoot for her upcoming album in L.A. before heading back to Maryland. Traci becomes increasingly nervous during the shoot, and fails to focus on getting a good shot. Traci’s manager pulls her aside to remind her how serious she needs to be to take her career to the next level, but it does nothing to calm her nerves. The photographer grows frustrated, but after a bit of coaxing and positive reinforcement, Traci gets it together.

7. Towanda’s grand idea. Towanda takes Trina and Traci to a studio in Atlanta to go over their special surprise for Tamar’s upcoming concert there. Towanda’s idea is to join Tamar’s backup dancers during her set for “Hot Sugar.” Trina isn’t too sure about the idea, especially since Towanda wants to change some of the dance moves. The sisters do their best to get the dance moves (new and old) down pat, but Trina worries it will all go wrong.

On the day of Tamar’s Atlanta show, Tamar tells her sisters she’s nervous. She then tells them that she’s pretty anxious and is liable to mess up if she sees her sisters in the audience. This causes Trina to panic about the surprise they’ve planned.

A new episode of Braxton Family Values airs Thursday, October 9 at 10 p.m. ET on WEtv.

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