Briana DeJesus Details Baby Stella\'s Medical Condition: \

Briana DeJesus

Briana DeJesus Details Baby Stella’s Medical Condition: “Her Heart Might Give Up”


Leah Messer isn't the only Teen Mom 2 mom dealing with her child's medical issues.

As we learn on the October 17 episode of the MTV show, Briana DeJesus gets some scary news regarding newborn daughter Stella after a trip to the emergency room.

And of course, baby daddy Luis has not a care in the world.

On last week's episode, we watched as Bri, accompanied by mom Roxanne, took the newborn to the ER after her fingers and toes turned blue.


And now we know what caused such a sudden reaction — Stella has three holes in her heart.

"She has three holes in her heart," Bri says after returning home from the hospital. "Luckily the holes don't grow, they stay the size that they are. They're kinda small, [the doctor] said.

“People live their lives with holes in their heart… they’re fine. [The doctor] just wants to keep an eye on it.”

Big sister Britt is astonished (and scared) at the news, and wondering when the DeJesus family will "catch a break."

Us too, girl!

The 24-year-old later gets more specific about her baby's diagnosis, saying the official term is "ventricular septal defect," and that they need to keep a lookout for symptoms, like Stella's limbs turning blue, choking or breathing heavily after eating, etc.


And to make matters worse, all of this falls on Briana's shoulders, as Luis could not care less.

Luis does pay a visit to his daughter this week for the first time since he left in the middle of the night right after her birth — he even brings one sole box of Pampers, what a guy.

However, he is not as worried as he should be about his baby's condition.



"She needs a father in her life, this is why we kept her," Bri tells her ex in tears.

"There's no reason why you live in the same state as her and haven't seen or done anything for her. You hardly even ask how she's doing, especially with what's going on."

As Luis just sits there stroking his baby girl's hair and agreeing that he doesn't have "an excuse or an explanation," grandma Roxanne isn't having it, and gives Luis a piece of her mind.


"This will be the last time I speak to him, this is it. You didn't even have the decency to call and check up on your daughter.

"I've been nice to you all this time and you to sit here on this sofa and not even pick up your eyes to make eye contact with me, you're a punk. Shut it down, I'm f—king pissed."

Though Luis is still not involved in Stella's life, the good news is at least her heart issue is under control.

The Florida mama revealed the now 3-month-old had an "echo appointment" recently, but is happy (and cute!) as can be.

We're keeping Stella in our prayers, Bri — unlike someone else we know!

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