MTV Confirms Briana Dejesus Joining ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Baby Daddy Cheated While She Was Pregnant
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Briana DeJesus

MTV Confirms Briana Dejesus Joining ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Baby Daddy Cheated While She Was Pregnant


We’ve heard the news via cast members, online reports, and from the girl of the hour herself, but MTV has finally confirmed Teen Moms worst-kept secret: Briana DeJesus is joining the cast of Teen Mom 2!

The newest addition revealed the big news on tonight’s Teen Mom after show, where she also gave fans an update on her second pregnancy, spilled on her relationship with the other TM2 mamas — and dropped a major bombshell about her baby daddy!


Joined onstage by our good ol’ host Nessa, Bri expressed how she’s feeling coming back into reality TV after having so many years without cameras following her every move (the sole season of Teen Mom 3 ended in 2013).

"It’s a little nerve-wracking because like you said it's been so long,” the 23-year-old said. “Being on national television, none of this has hit me yet.”


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Nessa also asked the expectant mama, whose daughter Stella is due next month, what her relationship is like thus far with her new co-stars.

"I am cool with Kail (Lowry) and Javi (Marroquin),” Bri said of her old plastic surgery friend and her ex-husband.

“Leah (Messer) reached out to me so I spoke with Leah, she’s excited that I'm joining the show, I haven't talked to Chelsea (Houska) or Jenelle (Evans) yet."


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Speaking of Jenelle, Nova’s mama also spilled the tea on that so-called Twitter feud the girls had back in 2014 where Bri told Jenelle to “stay in your lane.”

What was that all about?

"Back in the day, Jenelle used to have these links with stories on ‘em and you press ‘em and you get paid or something like that. And she was talking about Nova and Devoin (Nova’s dad) and me, how we're ratchet and all these weird things.

“So I was like, ‘you are not one to talk.’ That was back then so hopefully there's no drama coming forward."


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Let’s hope, right?

Though Bri didn’t say much about her bad boy ex Devoin, she did reveal he plays somewhat of a role in their 5-year-old daughter’s life.

My baby did it can't believe she's getting so big!

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"[The relationship is] alright. He's not the best father that he should be for Nova but at the end of the day Nova loves him and adores him,” she said.

“It’s at the point where there's not much I can do to say or her and she'll figure it out when she gets older."


But the real bombshell came at the end of the half-hour episode, when Nessa shared an exclusive clip from the upcoming season in which a pregnant Bri told her sister, Brittany, and her mom, Roxanne, that Luis, her second child’s father, was cheating on her!


"It's been a rough time for me,” she said tearfully after watching back the footage.

“I found out when I was six months pregnant and it was, it's still tough. I'm going through it right now. Pretty much repeating my past like I said I wouldn’t and it’s happening all over again."


Clearly the Florida gal’s segments on the show are going to be juicy — between an unintended pregnancy, a cheating baby daddy, a semi-absentee first baby daddy and a complicated family dynamic, she fits right in already with the moms of TM2!

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Are you happy Bri is joining the show as the fifth mom? Do you think she and Jenelle will move past their feud? Tell us below!

Teen Mom 2 returns this summer on MTV.