The​ ​Dancing​ ​Dolls​ ​in​ ​Atlanta?​ ​\'Bring​ ​It\'​ ​Is​ ​on​ ​the​ ​Move!
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The​ ​Dancing​ ​Dolls​ ​in​ ​Atlanta?​ ​’Bring​ ​It’​ ​Is​ ​on​ ​the​ ​Move!


Lifetime’s Bring It! will look a bit different in Season 5.

Miss D is preparing to move the show’s production to an entirely new state — but she’s got an exciting reason for the sudden change.


Miss D and her Dancing Dolls have stomped the yard in Mississippi for four seasons now.


The dance coach owns two studios in Birmingham and Jackson.


Well, all that is about to change.


The Dolls are about to make Atlanta, Georgia their new home.


Miss D has been quietly working on a third dance studio located in Georgia.


The studio is set to open September 30.


Miss D is so excited about her new studio, she even offered free registration to the first 30 applicants.


But don’t get it twisted — Miss D will never forget where she comes from.


“Most people don’t even know where Jackson, Mississippi is and that something as notable and amazing as this comes out of there,” she said in an interview last year.

“We’re proud of where we’re from and doing a hip-hop dance style that has been popular in the South for years. I love that we can share it with the world.”


No matter where the Dancing Dolls end up, you just know they’ll never lose their fierce style.


Bring It! returns to Lifetime in November of 2017.