Bullfighter Fatally Gored on Live TV, 3 Americans Injured on Bull Run
Credit: Victor Barillo on Twitter    


Bullfighter Fatally Gored on Live TV, 3 Americans Injured on Bull Run


Bullfighting took a deadly turn this weekend all over Spain.

A bullfighter died in the ring yesterday, June 9, and live cameras caught the entire tragic scene.

Victor Barrio, a 29-year-old professional, took part in a village-run bullfight in Teruel, Spain. During his match, a bull violently threw him and fatally pierced him in the chest with a horn, The BBC writes.  

Victor’s death occurred in front of both spectators — including his wife — and viewers watching at home on live television. It was reportedly the first time a matador had died in the ring in over 30 years.

Sadly, the bullfighter wasn’t the only person to lose his life to a bull this weekend.

Another Spaniard was gored to death by the animal, this time during a bull run in Pedreguer.

The unidentified man, 28, was stabbed through the heart and the lungs while trying to save another runner. 

The day prior to the Pedreguer death, three Americans were attacked during the famous running of the bulls in Pamplona, People reports.

One Florida man, 46, is in “mild” condition after being gored in the groin, while two other males  — a Californian, 23, and an unidentified 55-year-old — suffered “minor injuries” to appendages.

All three are expected to fully recover.