Illegal Butt Injections Poison & Kill Woman Two Hours After Procedure


Illegal Butt Injections Poison & Kill Woman Two Hours After Procedure


So many celebrities are going under the knife these days, and are far more open about their surgeries than stars of the past.

This may be part of the reason everyday people are risking their lives for “the perfect body,” even if it means budget options that are far less safe.

Unfortunately, yet another young woman has died after receiving illegal butt shots in the name of beauty.


31-year-old Latesha Bynum is the latest to fall victim to basement butt shots, as the under-the-table procedure tragically poisoned and killed the Harlem resident, according to WABC.


latesha bynum
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According to the outlet, the procedure was completed on July 15 around 9 p.m. at the provider's residence on East 21st Street in New York City’s Gramercy Park neighborhood.


The mother of two later called 911 after experiencing severe chest pains just two hours after her procedure.


Doctors placed the young woman on life support that night, with her family deciding to pull the plug two weeks later on the July 27th.


"They killed my sister," the victim's brother told ABC. "She was loving, she was loving, anybody that was going through something, the families, she was there for them.”


The medical examiner is now trying to determine what exactly was injected into Latesha while police investigate her death.


Several celebrity women have admitted to having butt injections.


Former black market “it girl” Kim Smedley claims to be the woman behind the “assets” of stars like Tiny Harris, K. Michelle, and Nicki Minaj.


One high-profile slip-up, however, resulted in her giving up the illegal shot life.


“I think the national attention came when the young lady did go to the hospital, but before that, it was always an underground, black-market type thing.”


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