Calvin Harris Isn\'t Over Taylor Swift & Here’s the Video to Prove It
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Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris Isn’t Over Taylor Swift & Here’s the Video to Prove It


“You were the one thing in my way.” That’s the refrain Calvin Harris sings over and over in his new single, “My Way.”

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You may have an idea as to the identity of the “you” he is singing about (*cough* Taylor Swift *cough*), but once you peep the music video there will be no doubts.

Taylor, queen of the squad, was definitely blocking Calvin from doing whatever it is he wanted to be doing. And he is not over it.

The video opens in some space-agey future, with Calvin entering a rustic virtual reality world to break up with his hologram of a girlfriend. Not exactly the most subtle metaphor. Seems a bit like Calvin is calling Taylor and her world fake.

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Also inexplicably featured is what appears to be a techno rave inside a barn. A nod to Taylor’s country roots, perhaps?

For his part, Calvin denies the song is about Taylor. In an interview with Z100’s Elvis Duran he actually says the song is about leaving his job at a grocery store.

Calvin Harris
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"You get brainwashed into thinking it's as good as you're going to get,” he said. “And then you have to realize actually there's a whole world out there.”

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If that’s true, fans are wondering why there seem to be so many nods to Taylor’s style in the video.


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While the actress playing Calvin’s girlfriend has dark straight hair and looks nothing like Taylor, she does dress like her.

In a telling side-by-side put together by Buzzfeed, we see Taylor’s look from the “Bad Blood” video copied right down to the positioning of the singer’s body.

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Of course, “Bad Blood” was famously made to call out Taylor’s nemesis Katy Perry, so it would probably be hypocritical for Taylor to be bothered about this.


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Calvin’s video lady-friend also spends a fair amount of time in a demure polka dot dress, which is classic vintage Taylor.

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Still not convinced?

Polka dots and white vinyl mini-skirts may be a coincidence, but how many people do you know that can ride a horse standing up?

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Calvin may have just shown his hand with this one.

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If rumors are true of Taylor’s cheating ways, it’s understandable her ex may still be coping. But with a video like this, he should probably just come clean about his muse, right?