7 Celebrity Face Equations That Will Confuse Your Eyes (PHOTOS)
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7 Celebrity Face Equations That Will Confuse Your Eyes (PHOTOS)


Hollywood doppelgangers are so 2015. It's all about the celebrity face equations these days, aka our favorite kind of math.

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If you don't know what those are, here's how it works: 1 A-lister + another A-lister = a 3rd A-lister. In other words, just scroll down to see what we mean!

Shay Mitchell + Kim Kardashian = Naya Rivera

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One of our favorite mashups has got to be this Keeping Up With the Kardashians meets Pretty Little Liars meets Glee equation. It doesn't take a math whiz to solve that one...

Selena Gomez + Demi Lovato = Debby Ryan

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We don't know how Disney managed to find the exact mix between SelGo and Demi, but hats off to whoever discovered this talented beauty to play Jessie!

Kelly Rutherford + Emily VanCamp = Rosamund Pike

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Blonde celebrity face equations have more fun.

Charlize Theron + Scarlett Johansson = Amber Heard

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This one we can't unsee. Who is even who?!

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Orlando Bloom + James Mcavoy = Luke Evans

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What do you get when you add really hot to really hot? You know the answer to this one.

Anna Kendrick + Bella Thorne = Jessica Chastain

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Triple the redheaded beauties!

Natalie Portman + Keira Knightley = Daisy Ridley

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May the force be with all of these lookalike gals.