Chandler Riggs: 6 Things to Know About the Walking Dead Actor
Chandler Riggs: 6 Things to Know About the Walking Dead Actor
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The Walking Dead

Chandler Riggs: 6 Things to Know About the Walking Dead Actor


Precocious child-actor-turned-teen-actor Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes) has started to make a name for himself in horror, but (thankfully) he hasn’t let his burgeoning career consume his life… yet. There's a lot to Chandler — he's a video game personality on YouTube, he's crafty, and he shares a name with not just one, but two, beloved '90s TV characters.

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The Walking Dead Isn't His First Horror Project. TWD isn't even Chandler's first zombie project; his first film credit was 2006 horror comedy Jesus H. Zombie, in which Chandler played — what else? — a zombie. Next year, you'll be able to see him in the horror thriller Mercy.

His Middle Name is Carlton. Yes, Carlton. We know what you're thinking...

He's an Avid Minecraft Player. Chandler loves Minecraft, everyone's favorite indie building game. He's super into video games in general, too, though! He used to have a YouTube channel called The Orange Trampoline featuring him and his buddies playing together. He has since deleted it, but it's still pretty easy to find videos of him goofing around with his friends, whether in Minecraft or Grand Theft Auto IV.

He Thinks About Sarah Wayne Callies and Jon Bernthal When He Needs to Cry. This is way too sweet and sad: he misses working with Sarah (Lori Grimes) and Jon (Shane Walsh) so much that he uses that sadness to play Carl. Chandler told Rolling Stone: "When anyone gets killed off it's really sad because once they get killed off you never really see them again. It's actually kind of helpful because in the scenes, I can use that sadness if I need to cry."

He Loves Analog Games, Too. Between takes in Season 2, Chandler got really into playing kendama! If you don't know what that is, you've at least seen it before; it's a Japanese hammer-and-ball toy.

He's Handy Around the House. Chandler has done mission trips with a church group before — trips that involved replacing roofs. We barely know any grown-ass adults that can replace roofing!

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