Short Film ‘Muted’ Stars Chandra Wilson at Her Most Desperate (VIDEO)
Chandra Wilson, Muted
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Chandra Wilson

Short Film ‘Muted’ Stars Chandra Wilson at Her Most Desperate (VIDEO)


Chandra Wilson’s talent wows us week in and week out on Grey’s Anatomy, but for any of you who are uninitiated, 18 minutes is all you need to see the sharpness of her acting chops.

That’s the length of Muted, a short film of hers that’s yours to watch for free, and it features some of Chandra’s finest work.

The Grey’s star plays Lena Gladwell, “a mother whose world is shattered when her teenage daughter Crystal disappears,” the synopsis says.

“Expecting the full support of law enforcement and local media, Lena quickly learns the painful and tragic lesson that all missing persons are not created equal.”

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The film, directed by Rachel Goldberg, is the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013 — in which over 300 backers pledged over $16,000 to support the production.

The completed film then premiered at the American Black Film Festival and won the HBO Short Film Competition, airing on HBO and HBO Go in 2015.

Chandra isn’t the only familiar face you’ll see in Muted, either.

Partners’ Danièle Watts plays Crystal, The Cosby Show’s Malcolm-Jamal Warner plays Lena’s ex, and White Collar’s Ross McCall and The Secret Life of the American Teenager’s Jorge Luis Pallo play detectives on the case.

But the 47-year-old does indeed headline the film, and it sounds like writer and actress Brandi Ford Payne couldn’t be happier with her performance.

“[Chandra] set a great tone for the cast and crew,” she told Blavity.

She’s just a consistent professional. Treated everyone with respect, cracked jokes during down time, but hit it out of the park with those heavier scenes. We did extra takes for spacing, but we could've gone with the first take and been done.

“She’s just that fantastic. I look forward to her spreading her wings in other projects. She’s truly a dream.”

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One of the most painful moments in this short film comes when Lena and her family finally see a missing child report on the local news only to realize it’s about a white girl. Meanwhile, as the media ignores Crystal’s vanishing, the cops tell Lena that the girl is probably just rebelling.

“The public is so trained to sympathize with white victims that when it’s a victim of color, they immediately throw around the runaway label or look for a troubled background,” Brandi explained.

“Instead of focusing on what trouble this person may have gotten into, I would rather they focus on what trouble they could get into if we don’t find them. Who could be preying on them if we don’t bring them home?”

If you’d like to learn more on this topic or support the cause, the filmmakers recommend the nonprofit organizations Black and Missing Incorporated, Black and Missing but Not Forgotten, Deliver Fund, and Joyful Child Foundation.

Additionally, on the Muted website, the team is “compiling a list of Muted Mobilizers” interested in helping make this short into a full-length feature film.