Charles Esten\'s Nashville Performances: Deacon at His Best (VIDEO)
Charles Esten’s Nashville Performances: Deacon at His Best (VIDEO)
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Charles Esten’s Nashville Performances: Deacon at His Best (VIDEO)


Our non-Nashville viewing friends will occasionally wander in as we're watching the show and go "Hey wait, is that the guy from Who's Line Is It Anyway?" and it always takes us a moment to realize they're talking about Charles Esten. The Nashville star has so thoroughly become Deacon Claybourne in our minds that it's hard to think of him as anything other than a bona fide country crooner with enough heartbreak in his past to fuel 1000 songs.

Of course, it helps that Charles really is a talented singer and performer, as evidenced by his many musical moments on Nashville. For your enjoyment, we've rounded up our five favorite Deacon performances on the show so far. Why? Because we can.

Deacon and Rayna Sing "No One Will Ever Love You" in Season 1, Episode 2

An instant Nashville classic, this performance sold us on Deacon and Rayna's deep and painful love. Whether or not you ship them, there's no denying that they mean the world to each other.

Deacon and Juliette Write "Undermine," Season 1, Episode 2

Of course, Deacon's relationship with Juliette is also an important part of the show, and this songwriting session was key to its development.

Deacon Sings "Sideshow," Season 1, Episode 5

A rare Deacon solo, and a great one.

Deacon Sings "Love Like Mine," Season 1, Episode 15

It was a brief moment, but Deacon singing this pop-y song to calm down his dog was beyond adorable.

Deacon and Scarlett Sing "This Town," in Season 2, Episode 5

This recent collaboration with his niece might be our very favorite Deacon duet to date. Plus, it proves that he can make beautiful music even without a guitar.

What's your favorite Deacon musical moment? Let us know in the comments below!