Teen Mom 2’s Chelsea Houska on Baby Names, Married Life & Adam Drama — Exclusive
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Teen Mom 2

Teen Mom 2’s Chelsea Houska on Baby Names, Married Life & Adam Drama — Exclusive


Good news for Teen Mom 2 fans who want to see more Cole DeBoer and less Adam Lind on the new season — Chelsea Houska couldn’t agree more.

And though the newlyweds made the decision to not let MTV film their intimate wedding ceremony, Chelsea tells Wetpaint exclusively we’ll see plenty more of Cole, as well as the lead-up to their big day and their son’s birth — but the delivery room is off limits!

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The 25-year-old also spills on baby names, just how long we’ll have to wait to see the first photos of #BabyDeBoer, and why she “would love it” if Aubree’s dad follows through on his constant threats to quit the show.

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Wetpaint: A lot has happened since last season! Would you say this is your favorite season so far?

Chelsea Houska: I would say so, yeah. It’s more focused on Cole and myself and my family and not so much drama. It’s my favorite.

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So does that mean we won’t see any Adam drama?

I’m sure there’s some Adam drama mixed in, it’s always there. [laughs]

You’ve said in the past you barely interact with Adam, is that still the case?

Yeah, I cannot even remember the last time I spoke to him.

What’s the latest with his child support situation? Not much got resolved last season.

It does touch on it this season but I mean, he hasn’t changed, so... [laughs] Nothing’s improved.

You’ve been very forthcoming with your pregnancy but have kept your wedding stuff more under wraps. Is that on purpose?

I just feel like I’m so excited. I mean, I was excited about the wedding, too, but it’s nice for people to relate who are going through pregnancy at the same time. It’s nice to share how I’m feeling.

We imagine there won’t be cameras allowed in the delivery room…

No. For sure not. [laughs]

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How much of your pregnancy milestones will we see?

I didn’t have [cameras] at doctor’s appointments or anything but after the baby’s born... well, that obviously isn’t on this season, the baby’s not born.

But they’re at the baby shower for a while. This is Cole’s firstborn baby and he didn’t sign up for this show so I just want him to be able to have his moments to himself and not have to feel like he has to share them with everybody.

So it’s a hard line that I’m trying to balance right now.

You didn’t let MTV film your wedding in October, but what DID they film?

They were there for quite a bit of the planning and going and picking things out. There was a lot of getting ready for the wedding, just not the actual ceremony.

Have you and Cole made any plans for your bigger wedding reception that you’ll have after the baby’s birth?

We pretty much had everything planned. When we decided to just do a small ceremony this time around we kept everything the same and we’re just going to do a big reception with all the same vendors and everything around our first anniversary [in October].

It’s been nice that everything is planned and ready to go already.

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Do you think you’ll share pictures of the baby right away?

I don’t know, I feel like I’m not going to be able to wait because I’m going to be so excited and just want everyone to see him!

You’ve said you want a natural birth and want Cole to help deliver the baby. Have any other decisions been made about your birth plan?

That’s what we’re sticking to now. I just wanna go in with an open mind, kinda do everything as natural as possible but I definitely have an open mind.


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Have you guys settled on a name yet?

We do have a name picked out but we’re not going to announce it until he’s born but yeah, it’s been pretty funny to see the names people [on the internet] come up with.

Cole Jr., Randall… that’s not even my dad’s name, it’s Randy, it’s not Randall!

But we can assume it won’t be Adam…

Yeah, you are correct. [laughs]

In the trailer, it seemed like your pregnancy was a pleasant surprise.

It wasn’t really a surprise...it just happened sooner. I feel like people have a hard time [conceiving] when they first get off birth control or it takes a while. This baby was really wanted so I don’t want to put the wrong idea out there.

We love your producer Mandi’s reaction to the news. Was that how most people reacted?

Oh yeah. Everyone is so excited. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a baby in the family. And it’s Cole’s parents’ first grandbaby.

Have you gotten over your nerves of having a boy?

No, I’m still really nervous! [laughs] I did talk to Kailyn [Lowry] about it when we were at the reunion but I do have friends here that have boys so I’ve been asking them a bunch of questions.

Oh yes, tell us about the reunion. Did Cole go on stage this time?

He was not on stage. Not really his scene.

Is that a mutual decision?

Yeah, for sure. I like to respect how he feels.

Was Adam there? Because last year’s reunion was pretty rough for him.

Uh, well I guess that’s something I probably should wait and let people see. And Randy was not there [either], but he’s always a part of the season.



Do you ever think Adam is serious about his threats to quit the show, which he did at last season’s finale special?

Not really, I feel like he might not film for a while and then kinda be like, ‘oh s—t I better do something.’

I think it bothers him when he’s not able to say his side or whatever. Who knows? I would love it if he quit the show. [laughs] That would make me so happy. We could only wait and see. [laughs]

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What else can you tell us about what's to come?

It’s going to be a good season, it’s pretty positive. This season with [my producer] Mandi, we both get along with her great so I think Cole is in it quite a bit more than he has been previously.

So it’s kinda nice that it’s focusing on our relationship and not so much any negativity.

Are Cole and Aubree still BFFs?

Oh yeah. He’s way cooler than me to her!

Teen Mom 2 premieres Monday, January 2 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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