Chelsea Houska Attempting to Change Custody Agreement with Adam Lind Over Aubree — Report
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Chelsea Houska

Chelsea Houska Attempting to Change Custody Agreement with Adam Lind Over Aubree — Report


Chelsea Houska has had it with her baby daddy's bad behavior and is finally making some legal moves.

The Teen Mom 2 star is reportedly going to court to change the visitation agreement she has with Adam Lind over their 8-year-old daughter, Aubree.

And given Adam's recent run-ins with the law, can you blame her?!

Though Chelsea has talked at length on the show about how she doesn't trust Adam with their daughter — especially after he tested positive for meth earlier this year — she hasn't actually gone to court to change their current visitation and custody agreement.

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But as some new revelations about Adam have come to light, the 25-year-old is finally making moves.

The South Dakota star has filed papers in court in the hopes that Aubree will be spending less time at Adam's parents' house (as we've seen on the show, Aubree is only allowed to see her dad when his parents are present).

“Adam is almost always gone while Aubree is there, so Aubree basically just spends time with Adam’s parents anyway,” a source tells The Ashley of the arrangement.

“Chelsea would still allow Aubree to spend time with Adam’s parents, because they have been a part of Aubree’s life since she was born."


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However, the source adds, “she just wants to change it so that there is not a set schedule that must be followed each month.

"The goal here is not to take Aubree out of her grandparents’ lives; Chelsea just doesn’t want to be forced to take Aubree over there when Adam isn’t spending time with her anyway.”

Fair enough!

Plus, the mom of two — who shares son Watson, 11 months, with husband Cole DeBoer — also wants to ensure Adam is not present for his parents' visits, but rather only sees Aubs at a supervised visitation center.

“Chelsea does not feel safe having Adam around Aubree right now, so she is pushing to change it so that all of their visits have to take place at court-supervised family visitation center,” the source adds.


“She had played with the idea in the past but it was kind of like a last-resort option. Chelsea feels like they’ve reached that point now.”

So, why has it gotten to this low point?

Probably because the reality star isn't exactly oblivious to what's been going on with her ex.

In addition to testing postive for meth, Adam was recently arrested again for violating a no-contact order filed by his ex, Stasia Huber.

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The aspiring body-builder also reportedly owes both Chelsea and his second baby mama, Taylor Halbur, thousands of dollars in child support, so why should he get to see his daughter if he's not paying his part, right?

In addition to the visitation changes, the Sioux Falls native has also filed papers to officially change Aubree's last name from Lind to Lind-DeBoer so she feels more "included" with her step-father and half-brother.

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The Ashley reports both the name change and custody change will be addressed in court on January 8.

Meanwhile, Lind will also be in court on December 21 to face his charges for violating the no contact order.

But in happier Chelsea news, the reality star has confirmed via Twitter that MTV will air a Teen Mom 2 special about hers and Cole's love story next week.

Can't wait to watch!

What do you think of Chelsea finally taking Adam back to court? Will he lose all visitation rights given his recent legal issues? Share below!

Chelsea & Cole: A Love Story airs Monday, December 18 at 11 p.m. ET on MTV.