Chelsea Houska Makes Her Debut One Month After Having Son Watson (PHOTO)
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Chelsea Houska

Chelsea Houska Makes Her Debut One Month After Having Son Watson (PHOTO)


Chelsea Houska has been keeping to herself and her family over the last few weeks taking care of newborn son Watson Cole, but she’s finally back, ya’ll!

The Teen Mom 2 star finally returned to social media about a month after her baby’s January 25 birth, and unsurprisingly she’s already looking amazing.


After sharing a super adorable video on Snapchat of her sweet boy, the new mama finally posted the first picture of herself since giving birth... and she looks fab.


Of course, both her signature smoky eye and her to-die-for outfit are on point!

Unfortunately we can’t see the 25-year-old’s whole body yet to see just how svelte she looks postpartum, but we commend her for taking baby steps.



We also give her props for being real about how difficult it is to lose the baby weight.

In a series of tweets, the mom of two gets candid about the struggles to shed the pounds, saying “the scale has been so depressing” since having her baby.

She also reveals she wants to get started on a diet and exercise program, and for fans to tweet her suggestions of people who can help. Way to be proactive, girl!

The aesthetician has also said she’s mostly just been hanging at home with the baby, husband Cole, and daughter Aubree, but we’re sure she’ll be ready to go out and about in no time.

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Plus, there’s nothing better than the fans on internet to get her motivated, so keep the pics comin’, girl!


Do you appreciate Chelsea’s candid confession about losing the baby weight? Doesn’t she look amazing already?! Share your thoughts!

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