Chelsea Houska Alarms Fans With Tweet About “Next Baby” — Is She Pregnant Already?!
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Chelsea Houska Alarms Fans With Tweet About “Next Baby” — Is She Pregnant Already?!


Chelsea Houska might soon have as many kids as she has farm animals!

The Teen Mom 2 star hopped on Twitter to talk about her and husband Cole DeBoer’s “next baby,” which obviously has fans questioning if they’re expanding their family yet again.

So, is Watson going to be a big brother already?!


As fans know, the DeBoers welcomed son Watson Cole, their first child together and Chelsea’s second overall, on January 25.

More cheeks.

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The little cutie is already so big (and beyond adorable) that we can understand why Chels would want another kiddo already!

But the tweet from June 22 that has fans pondering if another baby is on the way is a lot more innocent than you think.

The 25-year-old was simply crowd-sourcing with the moms who follow her, asking if diapers expire or if they can be used for the “next baby.”

She got responses from some moms telling her no, they don’t expire, while others felt the need to literally freak out that this means she’s having another child right this second.

The stay-at-home mom has been very open, both before and after they got married, about wanting lots of babies with Cole.

When their son was only three months old, she tweeted about having baby fever, literally while holding her infant in her arms!


But let’s be real — the mom of two just got her post-baby body back in tip-top shape. Do you really think she’s willing to get pregnant again right now and undo all that hard work?!

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Besides, shortly after the diapers tweet, the South Dakota gal made it very clear she is not at all pregnant.

This meme Chels posted about what she’s like on her period seems to drop a pretty blatant hint she’s not with child at the moment.


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Sorry, folks. It’ll be a little while yet until Baby DeBoer No. 2!

Do you think Chelsea and Cole will have another baby quickly? Sound off below.

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