Cheryl Burke on Abby Lee Miller’s Teaching Style: “They’ve Been Traumatized”
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Cheryl Burke

Cheryl Burke on Abby Lee Miller’s Teaching Style: “They’ve Been Traumatized”


Let the record show Cheryl Burke and Abby Lee Miller have completely different teaching styles.

The Dancing With the Stars pro just made her coaching debut on Dance Moms, but she wants everyone to know she’s not like her predecessor.

Rather than yelling and screaming at her girls, the two-time Mirrorball Trophy winner hopes to be supportive and encouraging.

That’s a good perspective, Cheryl!

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“My teaching style is completely different from Abby’s,” the dancer told In Touch.

“I don’t remember the last time I yelled!”

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People are used to the former ALDC instructor yelling, screaming, and throwing a fit, so the 33-year-old wants to change the dynamic.

In fact, according to Cheryl, Abby’s instruction style “made her students feel small.”

Ain’t that the truth!

However, the reality star knows she needs to bring the drama so people stay entertained.

“Absolutely. This is television and I know people want to see drama," she shared.

"But I thought, I just have to be myself, which is stern, strict but still compassionate,” she continued.  

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“I am not a yeller.”

The 51-year-old quit the show just before she was sentenced to one year and one day in prison after she was convicted of fraud.


Cheryl knows she has big shoes to fill, but she wants the girls to leave feeling empowered rather than scared.

“From what I’ve heard from the moms and girls, they’ve been traumatized by their experiences," she confessed.

"It’s no good to be calling girls names. You’re not inspiring them to become better’re making them feel like crap.”

Despite wanting to be positive, Cheryl will push the girls and be a strict teacher.

“I don’t waste people’s time. I go in there and do my job. And the moms have to ask my permission to come into the studio."

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Seems fair enough! What do you think of Cheryl’s teaching style?