Chris Lambton and Peyton Wright Talk Second Wedding Reception, Feeling “Ehhh” About The Bachelor
Chris Lambton and Peyton Wright Talk Second Wedding Reception, Feeling “Ehhh” About The Bachelor
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Chris Lambton and Peyton Wright Talk Second Wedding Reception, Feeling “Ehhh” About The Bachelor


Bachelor Nation newlyweds Chris Lambton and Peyton Wright should just hold a new reception every few months in a different part of the country — then we can all go! They got married in May in Charleston, S.C. But because Chris hails from Cape Cod, M.A. — and that’s where they’ll be based — they couple are holding a second wedding reception up north.

Chris and Peyton just talked to Glamour about their new HGTV landscaping show, Going Yard, which recently taped in their own backyard. “We did a Going Yard Special there because we're going to have another wedding reception in our yard for the people that weren't able to come down to Charleston for our wedding ceremony,” Chris said. “HGTV was like, 'Why don't we redo your yard and make it into a bigger party?' We were like 'Yeah!'”

Peyton said the event is “like a post wedding reception.” Chris added,

We now own my parent's house and both my brothers got married in that backyard. So we wanted to keep up the tradition and do something to keep it alive. So we decided to have a Cape Cod wedding reception in our yard and invite the people that couldn't come down to Charleston. After the wedding, the next morning we were like, 'Wow it's over.' But now we have this other thing to look forward to. It makes our wedding a longer process and fun — not just one day of eight hours of craziness and it's over.

Chris and Peyton work together on Going Yard and apparently it’s been great for their relationship. “Really the best marriage counseling ever was working and living together 24 hours a day before we got married,” Peyton said. “I'm like, 'Well we haven't killed each other yet so I think this is going to work!'”

The couple were introduced to each other by Jesse Beck, one of Chris’s friends from Bachelorette 6 and Peyton’s buddy from Bachelor Pad 1. And even though they are tight with a lot of Bachelor Nation folks — and only found each other because of their Bachelor/ette experiences — they are skeptical about actually finding love on the show itself. Peyton still watches the show, but Chris will only watch it if she already has it on.

“But it's different watching it after being on it,” Peyton said. “You know what they're going through and then you always wonder is that really their personality or are they trying to be on television.” Chris added, “Or is one of the producers talking you into saying something...” Peyton said, “I question it now but before when I was on it I was rooting for love in the end. I still do but I'm like, ehhh...”

Maybe now they should root for people to leave the show, stay in touch with their Bachelor Nation friends and find their real true love in that mix. It’s happened many times before!

Source: Glamour

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