Chris Soules Pleads Not Guilty to Leaving the Scene of a Fatal Accident
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Chris Soules

Chris Soules Pleads Not Guilty to Leaving the Scene of a Fatal Accident


Chris Soules is officially heading to trial.

The Bachelor 2015 star was hit with felony charges last week related to his fatal car crash, and now he and his legal team have responded.

The Dancing With the Stars alum entered a not guilty plea on May 16 to the charge of leaving the scene of a fatal accident, according to court documents obtained by People.

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Though his lawyers did try to put an end to the hit-and-run case without it going to trial, their motion to dismiss the case was denied on Monday.

This development also means he’s waived his right to an arraignment in open court.

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Originally, Chris’s court date was set for May 23. Though it’s unclear if that will remain, the 35-year-old is requesting a speedy trial and for the date to be set ASAP.

Right now, the Bachelor is facing serious time behind bars for his Class D felony charge, so it’s no wonder his team would want to get this moving along.

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Still, though Chris is laying low — aside from his plea — after the crash that left 66-year-old Kenneth Mosher dead, more details keep spilling out about the April 24 tragedy.

One of the Iowa farmer’s neighbors, Kevin Quass, is speaking with In Touch, revealing what he saw after discovering the scene after the accident.

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Kevin says that upon his arrival, he noted the reality star’s dashboard camera had mysteriously malfunctioned right before the crash.

“It didn’t catch the incident. It stopped recording for some reason,” the neighbor recalls of the camera, which may have recorded the moments after Chris collided with Kenneth’s tractor.

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He continues, “Then I got it fixed, and it hasn’t missed a recording since.”