Chrissy Metz Opens Up About Fashion Fears: “You Want to Hide Sometimes”
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Chrissy Metz Opens Up About Fashion Fears: “You Want to Hide Sometimes”


Chrissy Metz is unafraid to break the mold on television and on the red carpet.

The This Is Us star, who is inspiring people with her role as Kate Pearson on the hit NBC show, is pushing the boundaries of fashion in hopes of helping other women do the same.

From bold colors to latex, the actress is finally at a place in her life where she feels comfortable wearing what she wants.

“The red carpet transformed how I dressed. I never wore form-fitting dresses before,” she told People.  

“There are a lot of people who make you feel uncomfortable if you show a chubby stomach, arm or leg. I was being educated, while becoming part of the conversation on size inclusivity.”

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The 36-year-old is also adamant about breaking away from the basic black styles and conservative clothing that most plus-sized celebrities wear to events.

“When I started promoting This Is Us, I was worried about how things would photograph, but I slowly gained confidence,” she revealed.

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“I love bold colors and prints now, like the floral gown I wore to the 2017 Critics’ Choice Awards.”

She continued, “Being a big girl, you want to hide sometimes, but with that dress, it was like ‘Boom! I’m here, in all my embroidered glory.'”

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In fact, the latex dress she wore to the 2017 MTV Movie Awards was a huge achievement for the former American Horror Story star.

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“People were up in arms: ‘There’s a big girl in latex!’ I was surprised, because it was a baby-doll silhouette I’d worn before, but everyone thought it was taboo.” she continued.

“I showed a little more cleavage than usual. As people, we evolve, and so do our fashion choices.”

The moral of the story is to have fun with fashion, regardless of your size.

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“I want to encourage women to enjoy what they’re wearing, as opposed to just finding a boring black dress that fits,” she confessed.

“We need to be specific about how clothing fits different body shapes. I want to show personality, and make something that I want to wear."

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She continued, “If I don’t want to wear it, I would not want to sell it.”

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We personally think you rock every look, Chrissy!

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