Chrissy Metz Reveals She Almost Got Kicked Off ‘Jimmy Kimmel: Live’ (VIDEO)

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Chrissy Metz Reveals She Almost Got Kicked Off ‘Jimmy Kimmel: Live’ (VIDEO)


Chrissy Metz made her Jimmy Kimmel Live! debut years ago, but it’s not exactly how she’d like to be remembered.

Before she was an Emmy-nominated actress on arguably the biggest show on television, the This Is Us star was nearly getting kicked out of late night talk shows.

Did we mention this all had to do with her love for the University of Florida Gators?!

On Tuesday, August 15, the 36-year-old stopped back by Jimmy Kimmel to share the incident, which happened over a decade ago.

“I came here 10 years ago when I first moved to Los Angeles, aspiring to be an actress. And I almost got kicked out, Jimmy, of your show!” she revealed.


“Here I am officially and thank God I’m on the couch.”

The former American Horror Story star blamed actress Cheryl Hines for the incident because the Curb Your Enthusiasm actress attended Florida State University, which is rivals with Chrissy’s beloved Gators.

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“I was sitting in the back and I’m from Florida – and she was a Seminoles fan and I think she was also an alum,” she shared.

“That is, come on, rivals for life. It doesn’t matter where you’re at — football is religion in the South.”

To prove her allegiance to her school, the brunette beauty shouted “Go Gators!” during the commercial break, which didn’t sit well with security.

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“A security guard comes over and she’s like, ‘Ma’am if you continue to disrupt…’ and I was like, ‘Continue? I only said it once.’ Of course I’m belligerent because I have my ego,” she continued.

“And my friend’s like, ‘If you don’t shut up you’re going to get us kicked out of here.’ And I’m like, ‘Fine.’”

Of course, despite being told to keep quiet, Chrissy shouted it again during another break.

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“She’s like, ‘Ma’am, can you please step up — we’re going to have to escort you out,’” she revealed.

“I’m like, ‘No no no, I’m really sorry! I just got carried away — I’m a poor aspiring actor. Please don’t do this, this is so embarrassing.'"

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Thankfully Chrissy wasn’t thrown out of the show, but it would’ve made for some good television!

“We [would have] had some video we could cut to,” Jimmy joked.

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We love your dedication, Chrissy!

This Is Us Season 2 returns Tuesday, September 26 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.