The Walking Dead’s Christian Serratos Shuts Down Instagram Trolls Over Breastfeeding Post
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead’s Christian Serratos Shuts Down Instagram Trolls Over Breastfeeding Post


The poor cast of The Walking Dead has been bullied off social media left and right, but that isn’t stopping trolls from harassing those who remain.

Thankfully, new mama Christian Serratos isn’t taking guff from anyone.

Click through to see how she put Instagram trolls in their place.


Christian recently welcomed a new baby and she’s been slowly sharing photos of her bundle of joy ever since.


Happy Mothers Day from little W and me!

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First, the proud mama hinted at a name, calling her baby “W."


Then she told us the baby's sex.


She 'Doubles You' @me_is_boyd Happy Fathers Day

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It’s a girl!


Christian has been so protective of her little lady, images are hard to come by.

So she was not happy when trolls had some nasty things to say about a picture of her breastfeeding her little one.


Thank you for our custom D.C.W necklaces that represent us and OUR DAUGHTER @jewelsbydurrani

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Comments ranged from people hitting on the actress and asking to see more, to people complaining about breasts and nipples on display while nursing… despite the fact that no nudity can be seen in the photo.

Some confused individuals wanted to know where the baby came from! They had no idea Christian was a mom!


The 26-year-old actress didn’t take kindly to the backlash so she posted a second photo with some very choice words for her haters.


Just telling it like it is.


This comes on the heels of Alannah Masterson’s body shaming after the birth of her own daughter, Marlowe.


Sadly, Alannah was eventually forced to set her social media accounts to private for a period of time.


Josh McDermitt also found himself the victim of online harassment when fans decided to punish the actor for his character’s Season 7 story arc.


Josh cited death threats as the reason for his decision before reminding his fans that he loves them in an emotional goodbye video.


We’d love to see this poor cast find some peace.


But watching Christian snap back at the haters might just be the next best thing.


The Walking Dead returns to AMC this October.