Coco Austin Says She “Helped Pave the Way For Thick Girls” Like Kim Kardashian
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Coco Austin

Coco Austin Says She “Helped Pave the Way For Thick Girls” Like Kim Kardashian


Move over, Kim Kardashian!

We all know the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is known for having a big bottom, but Coco Austin claims she started the trend.

The mother of one opened up about her modeling past on Instagram in an honest new post.

The 38-year-old showed off her big booty in the photo and revealed she paved the way for women of all shapes and sizes.

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“I would like to shed light to almost 21 years of modeling,” she wrote on Sunday, January 14.  

“I don’t post much about it & new followers don’t even know I had a career in modeling,” she shared.  

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“They just see a wife, mother and someone that was on reality TV, but just like every actor, singer, rapper, entertainer I’m proud of what I’ve done.”

Ice T’s wife began her modeling career when people were only interested in skinny models.

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“I feel people should know it wasn’t easy. I helped pave the way for thick girls during the skinny genre (during the Kate Moss days in what they call the waif era) to be noticed as beautiful,” she said.  

“This was back before social media when magazines were popping, back before Kim K, Nicki Minaj.”  

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She continued, “I mention them because young people see pop culture as the history makers, but they need to know it started somewhere before them. This was also back before the plastic surgery craze.”

In fact, the only other person who was praised for having curves was Jennifer Lopez!

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“During my time it was pretty much JLo that was making waves with the derriere phenomenon. To have booty it was considered to be fat in the modeling world,” she said.  

“But I helped changed the minds of what booty was. Today it’s a normal thing to see all different shapes and sizes, no one even thinks about it anymore,” she confessed.

“I helped history…I don’t want to toss it aside like it was nothing. I’d like to think some of my modeling was meaningful.”

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She continued, “After tons of calendars, DVD’s over 100 magazine covers and editorials I’m still standing. Thank you for all years of support. Power to the booty and strong healthy women!”