Kris Jenner Warned by Corey Gamble’s Ex: “Sleep With One Eye Open”
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Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner Warned by Corey Gamble’s Ex: “Sleep With One Eye Open”


From the looks of their holiday photos, Kris Jenner and her “blended family” seem to have welcomed her boyfriend, Corey Gamble into the fold. But his ex has some pretty alarming words about the tour manager.

Sheree Buchanan, who says she and Corey dated for three years, warns Kris “should be very careful and sleep with one eye open,” regarding her 35-year-old bedmate.

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“He looks for these broken women and he’s great at knowing what to say to build your confidence,” she tells Life & Style.

“My advice to Kris is don’t marry Corey,” she adds.

Exes often don’t have rave reviews for their former flames, but Sheree’s comments do raise some red flags. For example, she claims Kris’s boy toy has a temper, and can exhibit “stalkerish” tendencies.

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“He showed up at my house [after we broke up],” Sheree recounts. “I had changed my locks but somehow he got a key!”

Corey’s ex also cautions his motivations for dating the 60-year-old momager likely aren’t on the up and up.

“Kris has a lot of money and power, and he wants to be a part of that,” Sheree claims, adding, “Given the position Kris is in, she could have been Betty White and Corey still would have [hit on] her.”

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Bottom line, according to this past partner? “Get a prenup!”

There’s no saying whether Kris is even thinking about marriage but, given her family history, we’re confident she wouldn’t have it any other way!