Are Corinne Olympios & DeMario Jackson Dating After That Nightclub Kiss?
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Bachelor in Paradise

Are Corinne Olympios & DeMario Jackson Dating After That Nightclub Kiss?


What’s really going on with Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson?

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 contestants sent Bachelor Nation into a tailspin Thursday when they were spotted together for the first time after the “misconduct” scandal... kissing.

We knew they forgave each other for their parts in the controversy — despite no wrongdoing actually going down — but have they moved past that to romance?

Just this week, we watched the Bachelor 2017 contestant apologize to DeMario on BIP, saying, "I honestly don't feel like he did anything wrong. I really just want people to know that I don't blame DeMario.”

That was made obvious the next night when she leapt into his arms and gave him a kiss on the cheek outside SBE's Nightingale club in L.A.

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Earlier, the Miami gal shared a video of the two dancing in the club, with the 31-year-old alum grinding behind her.

The 25-year-old captions the clip “Uhhhhh ohhhhh,” while she covers her hand with her mouth and he smiles.

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That all seems like more than platonic friendship to us, but Us Weekly sources say the night was just a group of “friends” going out to dinner and hanging out.

"They are just friends and wanted to hang out to talk about all the insanity of the last few months together," the insider maintains.

The source continues, "They had an amazing time, but nothing romantic, even though it sure looked like it!"

Corinne confirmed as much to on Thursday — though she didn’t completely turn down the idea of something in the future.

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"I'm really glad we got to hang out finally and just be our normal selves," she gushed.

She added, "We both have big personalities, so [the paparazzi] were like, 'Oh, hug each other,' and I just jumped on him. We're friendly like that.”

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The “multimillion-dollar business” owner admitted she’s single “for once,” and that DeMario wouldn’t be a bad option.

"I mean, he's a good-looking guy,” she started.

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“But I don't know if that will ever turn into anything. We're just friends. We're just moving on past the drama.”

The outspoken blonde also isn’t worried about what people might think of their friendship.

“I feel like I haven't had that in a really long time, the freedom to have fun with friends and also to feel OK about being out with DeMario," she stated.

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“I can't say I wasn't nervous about it. When I saw the cameras, I was like, 'Oh no,' but it was bound to happen eventually.”

All wasn’t smooth sailing from the get-go, though — Corinne explained that she confronted him about speaking with the media during the scandal.

“I was like, 'You ran to the media. I'm so mad at you,' and he was like, 'No I didn't. I only went to the media after your statement came out,'" she detailed.

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After she told him that she was “upset” over him not handling the issue privately, they were able to move past it.

“Everything happens for a reason, and we're all good now,” she concluded.

“I'm so happy me and DeMario are friends again, and I'm just happy that this is all kind of folding up into a nice little box.”

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