The CW\'s Supernatural Spin-off Casts Vampire Diaries Vet and Skins Alum (VIDEO)
Credit : Celebified


The CW’s Supernatural Spin-off Casts Vampire Diaries Vet and Skins Alum (VIDEO)


Supernatural fans have been skeptical about a spin-off series that doens't star the handsome Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean, but now it's time to see which attractive actors will lead the upcoming CW series. Today Celebified loops us in on what to expect from the Supernatural spin, called Supernatural: Tribes, and we've got the latest!

As previously reported, a couple lead roles have already been cast including Vampire Diaries star Nathaniel Buzoli. The hot Aussie's character met an untimely end during Season 4 of TVD but he'll live to see another day on The CW thanks to this new project.

Word is Nathaniel's playing a character named David Hayden, described as "a shapeshifter from one of the ruling monster families who's been living as a human, having given up the monster life years ago." Um, yeah that sounds AMAZING.

We weren't the only ones to congratulate Nat on the big role. He and TVD co-star Michael Trevino chatted a bit online and we've got the whole conversation for your perusal.

Also set to star on Supernatural: Tribes is Skin's alum Lucien Laviscount, who, Celebified tells us, "plays Ennis Roth, a police academy trainn whose fiancée is killed in a monster war." Okay, so maybe having monsters around won't be as cool as it sounds.

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