Daario Naharis & 7 Other Replaced Actors
Daario Fight on Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 9
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Game of Thrones

Daario Naharis & 7 Other Replaced Actors


Remember when Game of Thrones sellsword Daario Naharis was a long-haired romance-novel-cover type of guy, instead of the hunky rogue we know and love today? Actor Ed Skrein sure does.

Ed, who played the original version of Dany's love back in Season 3, recently admitted to Digital Spy that his departure, "wasn't as straightforward a decision as it's been made out in the press. In a lot of ways I would have loved to have carried on and stayed working on that, because it's a fantastic TV series."

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Ed's trying not to stay hung up on the past, which is probably smart. At least he can take comfort in knowing that he's not the only actor swapped out for someone else after a series has already gotten going, as these seven other recent examples prove.

The Mountain, Game of Thrones

The Mountain
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Jason DiLaurentis on Pretty Little Liars

In Season 1, this key character was played by Parker Bagley, only to be unceremoniously replaced by Drew Van Acker for the rest of the show.

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Bobby Draper, Mad Men

Don Draper's son was played by no less than four different actors over the course of seven seasons.

James Kent, True Blood

True Blood: James
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Actor Luke Grimes didn't like the direction True Blood decided to take this sexy vampire — read: he wasn't comfortable playing gay — so Nathan Parsons took over the role.

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Laurie Forman, That '70s Show

Eric's older sister got quite the makeover when Christina Moore took over the part from Lisa Robin Kelly in Season 6.

Ann Veal, Arrested Development

Her? Yep, George-Michael's purposefully non-entirely of a girlfriend was played by Alessandra Torresani in Season 1 before Mae Whitman took over the role — and did end up making her mark, somehow.

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Kaitlin Cooper, The OC

The replacement of Marissa's younger sister is mostly notable because she was first played by freaking Shailene Woodley back in Season 1, a fun fact most people forget.