Danai Gurira Cast in \'Avengers: Infinity Wars\' and \'Walking Dead\' Fans Are Nervous
Michonne at Alexandria in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 10
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The Walking Dead

Danai Gurira Cast in ‘Avengers: Infinity Wars’ and ‘Walking Dead’ Fans Are Nervous


Danai Gurira has been granted a recurring role in the Marvel universe with an appearance in Avengers: Infinity Wars… but what does that mean for Michonne?

Fans have already begun to dread another brutal The Walking Dead character death.


Walker Stalkers weren’t too concerned when Michonne portrayer Danai Gurira won the role of Okoye in Marvel’s Black Panther. What’s one movie amongst friends?


But all that is changing fast.


Deadline reported Danai’s Wakandan character has been picked up for the next big Avengers movie, and now people are freaking out.


Michonne devotees are standing behind their samurai no matter what.


But of course, in the end, Danai’s fans are willing to follow her anywhere.


Worried viewers are right to be concerned given TWD’s habit of killing off major characters when their actors find outside success.


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Most recently, Sasha actress Sonequa Martin-Green’s latest Star Trek role served as a huge spoiler for the Season 7 finale.

And Fear the Walking Dead’s Cliff Curtis’s recurring role in the Avatar franchise foreshadowed Travis’s shocking Season 3 death.


There could be a ray of hope for Michonne, in that her TV adaptation has largely taken on Andrea’s comic book storyline.


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Andrea survives until after the Whisperer war, giving Danai a few seasons left at least.


Of course, we all know TWD loves to shake things up and break our hearts, so you never really know in the end.


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The Walking Dead returns to AMC this October.