If ‘Dance Moms’ Is Canceled, 5 Things Maddie Ziegler Can Do Next
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If ‘Dance Moms’ Is Canceled, 5 Things Maddie Ziegler Can Do Next


Not a lot of people were shedding tears for Abby Lee Miller this week when the Dance Moms despot was indicted on bankruptcy fraud charges. The dance instructor has her share of detractors, but there’s at least one positive that’s come from her reality TV run: Maddie Ziegler.


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The Abby Lee Dance Company teacher’s pet is actually quite the “it girl” these days following her star-making turns in multiple Sia music videos. She’s since appeared on a number of other TV shows, and was even named “Next Generation of Power Girl” by Seventeen magazine.

Maddie Ziegler

There’s no telling what this talented dancer’s limits are, and we don’t want Abby Lee’s crimes to get in the way of her budding career. Since Lifetime is more than likely to cancel the reality show — especially with its star facing five years in prison — we have some suggestions for Maddie’s post-Dance Moms path.

Read on for five new gigs Maddie Ziegler could do next:

Get Her “A” On

After appearing on Pretty Little Liars this year — in like, the creepiest dance scene ever — Maddie has expressed her hope to return to the ABC Family series.

"Hopefully I'll get to go back on [Pretty Little Liars], because it's my favorite," Maddie gushed in a recent interview. "I don't even care if I'm an extra, I just want to go back!"


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But what could the 13-year-old do in her scripted TV return? That would be up to Marlene King and the rest of the Powers That Be, but Maddie has a suggestion: She could be “A”! Sure, technically that was revealed as (spoiler alert) CeCe Drake, but knowing the Rosewood universe, that could always change.

Go Viral

Maddie has a serious social media following — we’re talking 4.1 million Instagram followers and nearly 1 million Twitter followers. So why not use it? Not too long ago, the prodigy released a high concept dance video called “Lucky Thirteen,” narrated by Chloe Sevigny, no less.

She should translate that social fandom over to YouTube and start releasing more highly-produced videos. She’s already a celebrity, but becoming a viral star could do major things for Maddie — just look at everyone from Maze Runner’s Dylan O’Brien to popstar Tori Kelly!

Tour With Sia

Maddie has now appeared in a whopping three of Sia’s music videos, the last being “Big Girls Cry.” In other words, their pairing is a proven hit — “Chandelier” has nearly a billion YouTube views!

Since they’ve done their fill of videos (for now), Maddie could go on tour with Sia and be her go-to dance act! The Australian songstress is notorious for her stage fright, so you know she’d welcome an on-stage act to take the attention off her!.

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Double Down on TV Dancing

There’s always the proven reality TV dance path. Like many have done before her, Maddie could join as a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance in five years, and then make like Witney Carson, Chelsea Hightower, and many more and become dance pros on Dancing With the Stars.

Become Misty Copeland’s Protégé

There’s no one hotter in the dance world right now than professional ballerina Misty Copeland, The American Ballet Theater’s first female African-American principal dancer. In the last couple of years she’s released a New York Times best selling memoir, appeared in a hit documentary about herself, and headed up a major Under Armour women-focused ad campaign.

Maddie might not be a classically trained ballerina, but she’s just 13 — a little over the age most dancers first go en pointe. There’s still a chance she could follow down the path Misty’s paved, so she should get in with her ASAP.