9 Times Celebs Danced Through the Pain on \'Dancing With the Stars\'
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Dancing With The Stars

9 Times Celebs Danced Through the Pain on ‘Dancing With the Stars’


Every celeb who steps into the Dancing With the Stars ballroom has to put up with some pain as they learn a new skill, but some stars take it a step further, pushing on through serious injury and illness.

Right now that unlucky but determined dancer is finalist Ginger Zee, who took to the stage last night despite pelvis and back problems so severe, she wasn't even allowed to lift her own baby.

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At least Ginger is in good company. Here are 9 other dramatic examples of other stars who refused to give up, no matter what their body was saying.

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Jodie Sweetin, Season 22

Ginger wasn't the first painfully injured star this season. Poor Jodie Sweetin had to deal with the pain of a bone bruise after a lift gone wrong.

Tamar Braxton, Season 21

Perhaps the most memorable example of all, Tamar literally rushed back from the hospital for her Team Dance with Nick Carter.

The Braxton Family Values star thought she had pneumonia, which would have made this situation crazy enough, but it turns out she was suffering from a much more deadly condition. She had several pulmonary embolisms in her lungs, which genuinely could have killed her right there in the ballroom. We're glad everything turned out OK.

Alfonso Ribeiro, Season 19

Alfonso wanted that Mirror Ball, and he wasn't going to let anything stop him — not even a groin injury. Or a back injury. He really suffered for that win!

Amber Riley, Season 17

This Season 17 winner grit her teeth through weeks of knee pain after an injury that left her wearing a knee brace.

Bill Nye, Season 17

This Science Guy tore a tendon in his leg, and insisted on continuing to dance against the advice of his doctor. His poor pro, Tyne Stecklein, had to choreograph a Jazz that dealt with the fact that he basically couldn't move.

It was an admirable effort, but it's probably for the best he was eliminated that week.

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Melissa Rycroft, Season 15

This All-Star herniated a disk in her back during a Sunday rehearsal and was only cleared to dance shortly before she hit the stage the next day. The craziest part? She didn't even take pain meds!

Maria Menounos, Season 14

Poor Maria Menounos seemed to be constantly suffering from various injuries throughout her season, including two broken ribs and stress fractures in her feet.

Jennifer Grey, Season 11

Like Maria, this actress seemed to be constantly injured in one way or another, and yet she kept going to claim the Mirror Ball. We hope it was worth it, because she ruptured a disc in her back in the finale and ended up needing surgery to fix it.

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Cristián de la Fuente, Season 6

Cristián dramatically ruptured a tendon in his bicep while dancing during Week 7, but he put off surgery to fix the problem until after he was eliminated — and that wasn't until Week 10, where he came in third!

Catch the second night of the Dancing With the Stars Season 22 finale on Tuesday, May 24 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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