Topanga\'s Getting Married! Talks Wedding and “First Husband” Ben Savage
Topanga’s Getting Married! Talks Wedding and “First Husband” Ben Savage


Topanga’s Getting Married! Talks Wedding and “First Husband” Ben Savage


It’s one of the more memorable moments in television history: the day Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence finally got married.

The two Boy Meets World stars were destined to be together ever since that fateful day their toddler selves played together in the same sandbox, according to the later-season backstory. After watching seven years of their relationship’s ups and downs, we pretty much felt like guests at their wedding (well, technically it was Howard and Myra Peterman’s wedding, but you know).

Topanga’s Getting Married! Talks Wedding and “First Husband” Ben Savage
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So now that Danielle Fishel, who played Topanga, is getting married in real life, will she take any cues from her well-known fictional character? Not likely, Danielle tells Us Weekly in a recent interview. The 32-year-old actress will wed long-time love Tim Belusko shortly before filming begins on the much-anticipated spin-off Girl Meets World.

She and Tim are inviting upwards of 250 people and it sounds as if Danielle may forgo the traditional white dress for a midnight blue gown. “Midnight blue is my main color,” she says. “The color I’m wearing, basically. I think it’s perfect for a this-time-of-year wedding.”

There are some other key differences between the two — for example, the most scandalous Topanga ever got was taking off her clothes under a blanket on her wedding night, while Danielle posed for Maxim earlier this year — but we're not counting or anything.

After a short Hawaiian honeymoon (just like Cory and Topanga!), Danielle will return to start filming Girl Meets World in November and so reunite with her “first husband.”

“[Ben Savage] will always be my first husband,” she says of Cory’s real-life counterpart. “Any time I’m around Ben, I feel like I’m at my most comfortable because we’ve been together for 20 years, so it’s been nice to be back together.”

Danielle’s connection to her longtime co-star is no secret, she adds. Fiancé Tim “totally accepts that” and understands that spending so much time as an onscreen couple makes it “impossible to have none of that rub off a little bit in person.” You’re a smart man, Tim. After all, this is freakin' Cory and Topanga we’re talking about.

Source: Us Weekly

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