Farrah Abraham and Daughter Sophia Pose With Santa (PHOTO)
Farrah Abraham and Daughter Sophia Pose With Santa (PHOTO)
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Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham and Daughter Sophia Pose With Santa (PHOTO)


Please form a prayer circle and start praying for Santa Claus. This poor, bearded old man is likely suffering PTSD after having what we can only assume was an emotionally traumatizing encounter with Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham.

From what we can tell, Santa innocently showed up at a local mall only to find Farrah all geared up to sit on his lap. Naturally, girlfriend just wanted a simple Christmas photo with herself and her beautiful daughter, Sophia, but lord knows Ol' Saint Nick wasn't emotionally prepared to have the porn industry's resident mega-babe in such close proximity.

The good news? Farrah actually managed to take a completely adorable photo with Santa! She and Sophia look fresh-faced and full of festive yuletide cheer — though it seems like Farrah is wearing a vest made out of Rudolph's fur. We are so sorry, reindeers of the North Pole. You didn't deserve this.

In other news, we're dying to know what's on Farrah's Christmas wish list. However, if it's anything like her Amazon wish list, she'll be asking Santa for a $900 dress, a $1,400 bookcase, and a $500 rug.

Actually, what are we thinking? There is no way Farrah isn't on Santa's "Naughty List" this year! She'll probably just get some nipple pasties and coal in her stocking.

What do you think of Farrah's Christmas photo? Is the holiday officially ruined, or do you love it?!

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